The Friday Recliner ~ May 21

The Friday Recliner

Hi friends.  Welcome.

We’re midway and a bit through May already and the cold has well and truly settled in around here. What about you? Are you hunkering down out of the cold or getting ready to welcome the warmer weather. Every season has its charms doesn’t it? What are you most looking forward to? 

Right now though – – –  here are a few good things to help get your weekend started on a relaxed note. 

A Good Word

A Good Look

Wishing you fresh air, flowers, bright colour and soft comfort this weekend

More of this gorgeousness here

A Good Idea

Try Softer

Here are a few things that tend to happen when I’m about half way through some project or transition or new thing I’m trying. Tell me if you relate
I get all overwhelmed, or stuck or tired
I hit a snag or fourteen dozen
It gets messier and more complicated than I ever imagined
I get snarky and cranky with myself and wonder why I even started in the first place
Now apparently this is all quite normal and of course we know the moral of the story is to keep at it anyway because we can’t always trust our tired selves and creating or finishing or learning that thing we thought we couldn’t is the best feeling ever. But what about this idea
Midway when we’re doin our own heads in and strangling our creativity to death in the process, the phrases “all or nothing“, or “do or die“ might come to mind (and occasionally a bit of that is required) but pushing through at all costs might not be the answer. Being kind to ourselves could be though. Giving our eyes and ears and heart a rest for a while could be also
Sometimes letting a thing breath, (us included) is the most helpful thing we can do for ourselves. Your project will thank you. You will thank you. Pushing through and toughing it out might sound all strong and resilient and fabulous but we’re all that anyways. We don’t have to leap tall buildings in a single bound or bully ourselves to prove it
Take a break, do something fun or replenishing or easy or life giving. Then go back to it with fresh eyes and a lighter heart. Life begets life. You’ll feel different. It’ll look  different. Apply as often as necessary xx

A Good Read

It Won’t Always Be Like This

By Sonya Spillman

– – – Almost two months earlier, I stood in my bedroom and faced the mirror on my dresser. I wore a tank top and sweatpants, my hair up in a bun. With arms out wide, hands gripped the edge of the wood. I looked myself dead in the eye: big brown irises, jet black pupils, the deep of a well. I felt weird—we don’t look ourselves in the eyes much as grown women. We look at ourselves, yes. But we don’t often look in. I held my gaze. 

Alone in the bedroom, I sensed that I needed to tell myself something. To make sure my now-self and my then-self were on the same page. I’d been here before, in a position of strength and calm anticipating a big life change. In the moment, I wanted – – – keep reading

Embracing the Beauty of Being Korean and American in a Dutch Town

By Nicole Prince
How my twin sister’s and my adoption shaped us.

– – – Looking at me, you’d see an Asian woman in her 30s. I might talk about my sister who lives in Nashville or my brother who lives in Boston; you may wonder if my parents are immigrants and how good their English is. However, if you lived in my hometown—a small, picturesque town on the shores of Lake Michigan—you’d probably wonder how old I was when I was adopted – – – Keep reading

That’s it for this week friends. Hope you’ve enjoyed.

Have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx

4 thoughts on “The Friday Recliner ~ May 21

  1. Hi Trace The concept of culture and ethnicity fascinate me. I loved the photo of the twins in Dutch outfits. I had dressed up once in a Dutch outfit. Love clogs(albeit Crocs these days! )

    Regards Inge


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