Sitting Pretty

This chair  – – – 


This chair and I have been keeping company now for ever so long – possibly longer that any other furniture item I own apart from this bookshelf my Dad made.

Can’t remember where I found her. Most likely the thrift store because that’s where I find most things. Maybe a road side throw out ?

I do remember I was living in Sydney at the time in my ancient flat that hadn’t a whole lot going for it except a magnificent view of  Bondi Beach.

I was doing an upholstery workshop just down the road and I needed a smallish item of furniture that was portable and could be made over in a couple of weekends.

This chair fit the bill. It has good solid bones and I loved the curve of the arms and the little rounded turned out legs AND her springs were all saggy and ready for replacing.

So during the course of the workshop I gave her new springs and webbing and fresh fabric and well she hasn’t looked back since.

A little worse for wear in places now because its been quite a while but still going strong.

A random meeting that I can’t recall and here we are still together all these years later. 

Versatile to the max – she fits in anywhere with anyone, not precious, doesn’t need a lot of attention or looking after which is a good thing around here.

She’s light enough to be picked up and moved easily and her small proportions work perfectly for my tiny house.

“Style wise” she dresses up easy – looks best with something soft and fluffy thrown over her and with a few  cushions thrown on.

So far she’s lived in every room of the house bar the bathroom and including the front and back veranda. She spent a long time in Olivia’s room. A perfect chair for story reading and for putting dressed up dolly’s on. In my room there was more clothes being thrown on than sitting on but out front of the house she gave us a lovely place to enjoy the winter sun. Then for a while she was in the entrance near the front door but again more throwing on than sitting in.

Right now though – – – 

She’s doing me a personal favour which is the reason she gets her very own post here today. I currently have her moved into the lounge room so I actually have a comfortable place to sit down.

See what I’ve noticed of late is that two children and one husband manage to take up all the available space on the two leather lounges we have, leaving me nowhere comfortable to sit. And forgive me but when I sit down to relax a little I don’t want to be squeezed in between and romped upon by an often less than fragrant  13 year old boy and the squirmiest 9 year old girl I have EVER come across.

So this seat has become MY seat and mine alone for now.

I read this earlier in the year on one of my favourite blogs and it’s somehow  stayed with me.

I felt a little lost in my own home. I can see my mama in my memory sitting on “her” end of the couch every single night with whatever book or cross stitch she was working on tucked into the end table beside her. I decided it wasn’t wrong in the least bit to stake my claim on my own spot complete with all my favorite books stuffed down beside me in a $2 yard sale ammo crate. Heather, Recollected Design 

Well I’m with Heather and her mama – we all need a sweet spot to call our own in our own homes , where our favourite book is in easy reach and theres a place to put our cup of tea or something stronger.  A place no one else is allowed to sit on or put their feet on or leave half of their sandwich or their school bag on.


I’ve been missing that for a bit. Maybe I’ve just noticed it more since I have been working and don’t have time at home on my own during the day.

Organising myself a comfy relaxing place to sit for a while in the evening, its such a basic thing that’s felt like such a luxury.

I read more, I relax more, I enjoy Netflix more (which can definitely be a good thing at times)  and the real bonus I hang out with that odd smelling boy and that squirmy girl more.

I think the squeezing in and having my cuppa tea bumped about put me off doing that for a good while. My two just love it when I stop all the rushing around and just be with them – – – – the rushing around a necessary part of life I know , but the sitting down just as much too.

So while its been a small change, its made a big difference and they’re my favourite kind.  So if someone could just pass me my cup of tea please we’ll be all good.

Got a favourite piece of furniture ? Need to get  yourself a sweet spot. Would love to hear.

Tracey xx


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14 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty

  1. Hi Trace,
    Nice One. I remember that chair. And some of the other furniture make over projects. Eg when all the household is sleeping in on a Saturday morning you use an electric sander on the entertainment unit!!!….. “Just to give it another going over”!
    Well, I wish we had enough lounge room furniture… By todays standards our current lounge room is tiny and has one lounge chair. Who ever gets in it first generally keeps it for the evening. I’ve taken to what I call ,The Boffice. That is our bed that I sit myself in with the pc to watch programs and type stuff if necessary. I read books in there, read the bible there, pray there, dream and hope there. It’s my only “space” in the house! Library books always on the floor beside me, Usually joined by my little daughter attached to her screen. Our house is so small I can even watch tv from there. It’s squashy but oddly we like being this close together! It won’t always be like this. Our daughter will become a teen and probably start hiding out in her own space. Stop the clocks! Can’t she stay cute and 9 forever??

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    1. Well Jen when the urge hits for some DIY the time of day doesn’t matter. A Boffice awesome !! – we do whatever we need to do to find a space for ourselves don’t we and theres no rules to where that is. Sounds cosy and theres a lot to be said for cosy. I often noticed in Decorating and Lifestyle shows that people will build massive houses with all sorts of bells and whistles but the family will still all retreat to one small spot to be together and watch TV and just hang out.Seems we are wired that way. Your right it wont always be like this, I tell myself that all the time with these two of mine, a reminder to just drink it in. Love your comments Jen and love to your cute 9 yr old girl from mine xxx


  2. I would love to pull up a chair with you girl! : ) And I am drooling over that bird pillow… and the furry throw… And I’m blushing that you would include me in your writing… I needed the reminder that it’s good to carve out a space for just ourselves and our tea or coffee (or chocolate!)– no half eaten abandoned sandwiches allowed! LOL!

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    1. Oh me too we could have such a good chat Heather and bring on the chocolate. Yes Livvy and I did our own share of drooling over the bird pillow (Big W gets it right sometimes). Livvy was in raptures and insisted I bring “him” home – we stopped just short of giving him a name. Heather that little snippet of goodness I quoted from your New Year post as I said has stayed with me and was the inspiration for making my own little spot so thank you for your words my friend. Looking forward to one of your lovely posts arriving in my inbox soon. Hope all going well for you xx

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      1. Oh he so needs a name!!!! Hector? Juan? Chico? Bubba?? 😉 LOL. I’m so humbled that you carried those sentiments with you into the year. I’m knee deep in stuff for my upcoming vintage show and I seem to have lost my words somewhere in the pile, but praying to find them soon. xo

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  3. My sweet spot is my chair in the living room with a view of the tv or out the front windows to my front yard. My house faces east and in the early morning hours I often watch the sunrise. Today that will be in about an hour.


  4. Loved this! Maybe because I, too, have my own spot. My own chair. My husband teases me and calls it my throne. But I love it, because it’s where I can most relax! Your home is beautiful, by the way!


  5. Tracey, I’ve been wanting to get over here and read this and I finally found the time. I loved the history behind your beloved piece of furniture. Loved how you described it as having “good solid bones”. And what a cheerful pillow!
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve diverted a disaster of hot tea spillage because of kids piling on me or jostling for key mommy territory. Your post brought a smile, my friend. Thank you.
    My little cosy spot isn’t nearly as charming. Actually, it’s kind of ugly and uncomfortable. (That’s my aesthetics and aching back talking.) But it’s mine, and I’m thankful to God for it.

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    1. Not sure how but I somehow missed your lovely comment – only just stumbled upon it now – so my apologies. Glad you enjoyed the post Gleniece – I always like hearing the story behind how pieces of furniture have come into someones home – (the story behind the story) and like to tell a few of mine too. Glad you have a sweet spot Gleniece even if its not doing your back any favours. I always have a foot rest close by – works wonders for the feet and back and a heat pack can help too xxx

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