The Friday Recliner

Hi friends

Welcome to the The Friday Recliner.

Each Friday afternoon I send out a short, sweet, simple email to help sit you down on the inside and start your weekend in a relaxed frame of mind.

This might be just the thing if you ever have trouble

  • Slowing yourself down and enjoying your weekend (yes me).
  • Taking time out to do something you love (me as well) or
  • Doing a thing just for the sheer fun of it (me again).

You can consider it a permission note. You won’t find a list of things you need to do but you will find a friendly fun reminder that rest is important and doing things that bring us joy on the inside are too

Towards that I share one quote, one image, one idea and one link. You’ll find something to inspire, something to admire or create or ponder and something good to read.

Because by Friday we can all do with some R & R & R.

Rest, relaxation and good reading

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