The Friday Recliner ~ May 14th

The Friday Recliner

Hi friends.  So happy your here !

I’m strolling on in this week again. It seems to have become a thing. I’ve been participating in a writing challenge this week and after an unsettled few weeks it’s felt nice to do something that makes me feel like me again. You can read some of those posts starting here if you want. 

Hope the weeks been kind to you and I pray the weekend wraps around you like a friend. As always here are a few good things to ease you into your weekend on a relaxed note.  

A Good Word

David Gate

A Good Look

Like David said “There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure”. 

Something new

A Good Reel (not the dance kind, the Instagram kind)

“You don’t uniquely suck”

View here 

A Good Idea

What’s Your Rose, Thorn and Bud?

by Joanna Goddard

This past year, as we’ve had sooooo many dinners as a family, we have started the age-old tradition of rose, thorn, bud. Want to play it? Here’s how it works…

Basically, everyone goes around and shares a rose (a positive thing that happened that day), a thorn (a negative thing that happened that day) and a bud (something they’re looking forward to).

The conversation starter works much better than vaguely asking “how was your day?” Once I read that asking your young child about their busy day at school is like asking an adult, “How were the last 20 years of your life?”

I love hearing about the boys’ ups and downs, like having a new crush or dreading a science project (although Anton often says his rose is “screen time,” groan). Also, it’s nice to share mine, even though I’m always such a Mom. “My rose is hanging out with you guys!!!!!!”

So! On this gorgeous Saturday , I’d love to ask you: What’s the rose, thorn and bud in your life right now? Generally, what are you happy about, worried about and looking forward to? I would love to hear. xo

A Good Read

It’s vegetarian, easy to transport, and it feeds a crowd.

The pursuit of art nearly ruined the potluck for me.

Young, curious, and crushing on New York City, I volunteered as a docent at the Museum for African Art. The museum was situated in SoHo, at the time one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city, and had been designed by Maya Lin. The staff came not only from the African diaspora but also from Asia, Latin America, Europe, and every pocket of America. It offered exactly what I had come to the city seeking: exposure to cultural traditions and people from around the globe.

When the museum’s founder suggested a staff potluck to which even docents were invited, I knew the food would be outstanding and varied. Filipino adobo, Senegalese peanut stew, and manicotti bursting with the freshest ricotta were all on offer. My plate was full and I was ready to savour everything   – – –  Keep reading

When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

In February, I officially reached the nesting phase of quarantine, fashionably late as ever. Having spent almost a year holed up in this bless-ed 450 square feet, I noticed ways that I wasn’t utilizing the space optimally. I also decided that it was time to invest in certain pieces of furniture. One such piece: a media table/cabinet thing. 

I spent weeks scouring sites looking for the perfect fit. Something that fit my aesthetic, had sufficient storage, the right dimensions for my narrow living room, and ideally a reasonable price. My first choice was an industrial modular media console from West Elm. But, as I was not prepared to sell an organ, I moved to Wayfair for something similar but cheaper. 

I finally found it  – – – Keep reading 

That’s it for this week friends. Hope you’ve enjoyed.

Have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx

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