The Outdoor Room I Never Knew I Had

The mat buying was a last ditch attempt to rescue my back verandah from being the general shambles that its been for a very long time. See I've been trying for a nice comfy outdoor space for years.  Nothing posh - just a clean non dog hair infested spot to sit that doesn't smell of dog wee. Never quite got there and no longer  sure my back verandah had it in it anymore. See while it might have  size going for it - its wide and runs the length of the back of the house  - it lacks just about everything else relating to style, function and beauty.  

On Working What Works

Seems  I've created myself a work uniform. Totally by accident which is how I do most things. It started when I turned up at church with a hole in my shirt about a month ago. I was way early which never happens - so I walked to Big W where I happened upon two soft stretchy, ever so comfy long T-shirt’s, cut in a way that they actually have some shape and don't look like bags when they're on. I bought one black, one light grey.

A Week in the Woods

Now if that sounds like we were out in the wilds, far from civilisation, fending for ourselves, sleeping rough and cooking over open fire

We weren't

We were at a somewhat secluded  camp ground an easyish  20 minute drive  from a major town with powered site and hot water a short stroll away. We cooked on a gas stove and boiled water in my quite well fitted out caravan kitchen.