The Friday Recliner ~ October 8th

Hello friends. Well the weeks are just flying on by aren't they. What's keeping you steady at the moment? What's making a difference?  For me I talk to my sister every night on the phone, I play with the dogs at least once a day, I keep a daily gratitude list and I drink hot chocolate from the 7/11 whenever I'm forced to get petrol. Your turn now. Let me know in the comments I hope as always friends we find simple ways to relax and celebrate life this weekend. I hope we all find a thing or two that makes a difference I hope this helps also - - -

The Friday Recliner ~ October 1st

Hello friends. October first hey. Yep, I'm as surprised as you but truly I'm glad. October might just see this part of the world out of lockdown and getting back to good things like coffees out with friends, church in real life, a browse around the shops and thrifting !!! Here's hoping the warmer weather comes with it.  Its been drizzling rain again here all day and we had the loudest thunder storm I have ever EVER heard in my entire life last night. It felt apocalyptic! October you know how to make an entrance.

The Friday Recliner ~ September 24th

Hi friends. We're four weeks into September already and while I'm not really sure how that happened were doing alright aren't we!  The week can sure be a blur of activity so I'm always glad to make it to Friday and share a few good words and reads with you lovely people. It's one of my favourite things to do. I hope we all find simple ways to relax and celebrate life this weekend I hope this helps too  - - -

The Friday Recliner ~ September 3rd

Hello friends. Spring at last for those of us on this side of the pond and Fall is beginning to show  its colours for those of you on the other. I love the promise that the change of a season carries  with it and  how it can resurrect even the most worn out of hope.  What are you hoping for in this new season? I'm back working from home now and I gotta say it has its perks. No make up, no traffic or finding parking, no masking up and with most of my coworkers also working from home it doesn't feel as lonely as it did before.  Good friends staying touch helps too.