The Friday Recliner ~ May 28th

The Friday Recliner

Hi friends.  Welcome.

Today it was a two cardigan (one for warmth, the other for sparkle) kind of day and because Friday I wore my favourite leopard print scarf and my soft comfy jeans to work. I felt like I was getting a jumpstart on the weekend and with the gorgeous sunny weather (still chilly though) it was the first time Friday has felt like Friday in a good long while.

So as always with you in mind  I’ve pulled together a few good things to get your weekend started like that well worn pair of jeans, on a soft and comfy note.

A Good Word

Turia Pitt

A Good Look

Pull up a chair, sip slowly, eat something good.

More of this gorgeousness here

A Good Idea

by Dawn L Wright

Make Your Right Now/Summer/Winter/ Favourite Things Happiness List

Happiness is…

Penny candy melting on my tongue.

Chlorine water drying on hot pavement. The scent of Coppertone sunscreen on my skin and burgers on the grill.

Little bugs flitting in and out of sunbeams over the grass.  The hum of air conditioners and the faint buzz of bees (or flies, honestly). The distant lawn mower and the flick-flick-flick of sprinklers. 

The airplane sliding across the sky overhead and the kerchunk of a kid doing a cannon ball off the high dive.

Michael Jackson on the radio.

It’s a mason jar of lemonade, a lounge chair, and a stack of books. Zinnias and marigolds on the edge of the veggie garden. The tiny flowers in a cotton summer dress.

Flip flops. Campfires. The sleep that comes deep after a day of playing on the water. It’s root beer floats and baseball games and drive-in movies and sand freakin’ everywhere.

Now your turn

What’s making you happy and bringing you joy right now.

A Good Read

A Lime

by Charissa Brim

There was just one more item on my list. All I needed was a lime.

But I couldn’t have it. 

Though the grocery store was completely stocked, overly stocked, with every other type of produce, there was not one single lime to be found. 

Needing one lime certainly didn’t feel like too big of an ask- was I out of the loop on something? The fact that the entire grocery store was out of limes (and only out of limes) felt oddly targeted, almost personal.

The scene was so ridiculous, I had to take a picture. But as I snapped the photo, I twinged with emotion.

Sometimes it feels like the Store of Life is completely, and intentionally, out of just the thing I’m looking for

– – – keep reading

When she gave me words, she gave me God.
When I was three years old, my immigrant mother emptied out a closet in our Boston apartment—the only space she could spare—to make me a reading room. It was my father’s utility closet, filled with tools, light bulbs, and spare batteries, but she tossed the “man stuff” out, installed a tiny table and two chairs she’d found at a flea market, and christened the closet my “first school.”

Unable to afford fancy teaching materials, she cut words and pictures out of magazines and greeting cards and Scotch-taped them to the closet walls. I remember she took great care in arranging the scraps, setting them against each other as an artist sets the pieces of a collage.

That’s it for this week friends. Hope you’ve enjoyed.

Have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx

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