The Friday Recliner ~ December 4th

 The Friday Recliner

Hi friends.  Welcome.

So glad your here!

Hope this finds you somewhere comfy with a cuppa of something good in hand.

Anything lovely planned for the weekend?

Let’s all remember that those little things count and simple pleasures do too. I hope they add up to a beautiful weekend.

First things first though – – – –

Here’s a few good things to help get it started on a relaxed note.

A Good Word

Because right about now rest can get sidelined


From K J Ramsey

A Good Look

Fresh, delicious, festive – hope your weekend holds a little of all three

More of this gorgeousness at Platter Me Up Colorado

A Good View

See how much your houseplants move in a day. 

A Good Idea

Enjoy the Wobble

By Elizabeth Highsmith

I wait at the crosswalk and it smells like fried chicken and asphalt; not bad, but like the grace of an ordinary Thursday. Jam and toast, handmade offerings that make me rich. There are Christmas wreaths on the church and vintage turquoise bikes on the sidewalk.

There’s a wait for my coffee. It’s alright because there are piney gnomes and a neighbor in a Dr. Seuss mask to catch up with. There’s a hair in my mask.

I walk home through the park and laugh at the palm tree at the manger and awe at the power line that forms an unintended cross. My heart prays for grace to not be judgy and grumbly at the edges.

Yoga is a special kind of hard. We teeter one handed and my teacher says, “enjoy the wobble.” And isn’t that true of our days full of guts and grace. “Enjoy the wobble” and on to tomorrow.

See the pics that go with these words HERE

A Good Read

A couple of them


From Joy the Baker

COM•PLI•MENT // noun // a polite expression of praise or admiration.  

COMPLIMENT CLUB, it would follow, is a group of people whom actively, enthusiastically, sincerely, and frequently offer words of praise to the people around them.  My maj and I came up with Compliment Club as a way of encouraging each other to send good vibes into the world.  It’s not an exclusive club… you should totally hop on in! 

Let’s talk about compliments.  You’ve likely gotten them when you’re wearing a flattering dress, when your hair is flipping the right way at the right time on the right day, when you’ve made an impression on someone… BOOM!  Sometimes they drop a compliment in your lap.  It feels great!  It feels like you’ve been seen and appreciated for your hard work to be a good human.  Right?  Keep reading


How Is the Light Breaking Through?

By Christine Bailey for Art of Simple

Our lives have all been turned upside-down this year in some way. As I look back on all the posts I’ve written (for Art of Simple) I see some some clear themes: We long for connection. The world woos us with its beauty. And there is always light breaking through. We need these things now—not just after our struggles are over (are they ever?) but in the midst.

So on the cusp of Advent, at the end of a year where life has changed as we all know it, I cannot think of anything I’d rather share for my last post than this: how the light is currently breaking through – – – Keep reading

Thanks so much for reading friends and remember you can browse through the previous articles and posts linked to in The Friday Recliner right  HERE.

And if you enjoy The Friday Recliner would you be kind enough to copy the link and send to a friend to enjoy as well.

Till next week, have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx

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