The Friday Recliner ~ December 11th

 The Friday Recliner

Hi friends.  Welcome.

So glad your here with me.

Two weeks into December already.

Need a quiet place to rest a while? Need a few minutes to yourself ?

Yep me too – – –

So here are a few good things I’ve pulled together with that in mind.

A Good Word

You don’t have to do something shocking to get noticed. ⁣
⁣You don’t have to do something earth-shaking to matter. ⁣
⁣You don’t have to change anything about yourself to be loved. ⁣
⁣Be YOU xx

 Dr. Sherri Speaks

A Good Look

Treasure found in stillness. Stopping mightn’t be popular this time of year but it might be just the thing you need (and maybe where you find that thing your really looking for). 

A Good Idea

from Melissa Stewart

It Doesn’t Have to Be All Or Nothing

Lessons I’ve learned the hard way.

I held onto an “all or nothing” mindset for years.

You know the one.
If you can’t be the best – why even try?
If you can’t go all-in then you can’t go at all.

It kept me stuck in many areas of my life for many years.

I was wrong.

And as gentle and as boldly as I can – I’m saying:

Start where you are.
Do what you can.
We are all just trying to figure it out.

It’s ok to embrace progress over perfection.
It’s ok to not be “the best” at everything.
We live in the messy middle – some days are better than others.

So today and this new week.
Lean into the curiosity to grow.
To try new things.

Every small step forward is taking you further than doing nothing at all.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

A Good Read

Wonder Bread, Government Cheese, and the Comfort of My Foster Mums Kitchen

from Bon Appetit

My mother was a drug addict. She ran off to California with a boyfriend when I was a baby. A few years later, she died in her apartment in Van Nuys of a drug overdose. My older brother and I were raised by my grandparents and our foster mother, Esther. Time was divided between the middle-class neighborhood just north of Boston where my grandparents lived and my foster mother’s apartment in a housing project just up the hill. It was in the time spent between those two homes that I learned the differences between the haves and the have-nots, and nowhere was this more apparent than in the kitchen – – –  Keep reading


Niksen: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing

from Apartment Therapy

When was the last time you did nothing? Not scrolling on your phone. Not catching up on the latest episode of “The Undoing.” But just sitting quietly, doing absolutely, positively nothing? If you find that you can’t even remember, you’re definitely not alone. Amid today’s fast-paced, productivity-focused world, it can be easy to overlook the importance of doing nothing at all. In fact, many people have been conditioned to think that doing nothing is “lazy” or a “waste of time”—but neither of these beliefs are remotely true. Rest is necessary for our bodies and minds, and can actually make us more productive, explains Olga Mecking, author of “Niksen: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing.”    – – – keep reading

And because its my girls birthday next week

14 Birthday Traditions from Around the World

from Cup of Jo

A few years ago, a Cup of Jo reader told us that many adults in Germany throw their own birthday parties. How cool and empowered is that? Curious about other countries, we asked readers on Instagram to share their traditions, and they revealed 14 cool ways to celebrate (what would you add?)…  – – – – Keep reading

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Till next week, have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx

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