The Friday Recliner ~ November 27th

Hi friends.  Welcome.

We made it!  So glad your here. 

For those of you in the United States the really important question is – how was your thanksgiving dinner? I’ve been scrolling through Instagram taking in all the food and the lovely table settings and it all looked soooo beautiful.  I have to admit though your Pumpkin pie has me stumped. Roast pumpkin I understand, pumpkin with ice cream not so much.  I’m determined to give it a whirl though sometime. Anyone have an easy recipe? and could I change out the pumpkin for caramel?  Ha, I wouldn’t, I promise – – –  hope yours was lovely.

Round these parts we’re in for some very hot weather so top of the agenda this weekend will be keeping ourselves, the bunnies and the other wild life cool. Haircut scheduled as well – same effect hopefully.

First things first though – – – –

A few good things to get your weekend started on a relaxed and restful note.

A Good Word

From  My Self Love Supply

A Good Look

Weekend escape inspiration or weekend project ? Maybe both

(This pic grabbed me as I found a glass vase very similar to this one under all the overgrowth in my front garden (how it got there, why, your guess as good as mine) & I’ve been imagining some sort of little garden in it ever since. Christmas table centerpiece? or maybe a fairy garden. Undecided

See more of this gorgeousness here

A Good Listen

Ethan put this song on and turned it up loud every time he got in the car this week so of course it’s been stuck in my head and I’ve been singing it on repeat. That can be really annoying sometimes and other times the words just do you good somehow. Like kind company, like a love note from God.

Look at the stars,

Look how they shine for you

And everything you do,

Yeah they were all yellow

I came along I wrote a song for you

And all the things you do

And it was called yellow 

Cold Play, Yellow

Maybe you could do with a love note too 

Listen to it  HERE

A Good Idea

Love this idea from Joanna Godard

Twenty Questions

She writes:

Last night, I called my dad and asked him 20 questions…

He was sitting on his sofa in Michigan, and I was on my sofa in New York, and it was SUCH a fun way to chat for an hour and learn so much about him that I never realized I didn’t know! And I was thinking: For Thanksgiving, when everyone is staying apart, Zoom calls are fine, but sometimes it’s hard to think of what to say — whereas interviewing someone keeps the conversation really fun and engaging. So, in case you’d like to interview your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings or other loved ones, here are the questions I asked:

What’s your favorite food?

Go-to dessert?

What’s something random that you’re good at?

Where would you like to go in the world?

What’s your pet peeve?

Top three movies?

One of your favorite restaurants you’ve ever been to?

What’s something beautiful that you’ve seen in your life?

If you didn’t have your job, what’s another job you’d have?

What was one of your favorite birthdays?

How did you think of the names for your children?

Tell me about the pets you’ve had during your life.

Did you ever get in huge trouble with your parents, at school, etc.?

Have you ever broken a bone? Or gotten very hurt/ill?

What qualities did you see in your parents that you really admired?

What nicknames have you had in your life?

Most embarrassing moment?

Who would you most want to have dinner with (dead or alive)?

What’s your phobia?

What celebrity would play you in a movie?

And just for fun, a lightning round:
Pools vs. hot tubs?
Tea vs. coffee?
Going out to movies vs. renting movies?
Milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate?
Flight vs. invisibility!

My dad revealed things I never knew — for instance, he almost died when he was 13 because he was bitten by a monkey. Also, his favorite dessert is Boston Cream Pie and Pierce Brosnan would play him in a movie! Chatting about all things big and small was a really fun way to spend an evening.

A Good Read

A quick one

Bearing Daily Witness to Quiet Glories

From Jonathan Rogers

One of the most familiar complaints of the surly teenager also happens to be one of the most fundamental of theological truths: I didn’t ask to be born. None of us asked to be born, and yet here we all are, waking up every day in a world we didn’t make       – – – keep reading

And a fun one (that comes with a slight smattering of colourful language)

Seven Signs of the Aging Apocalypse

Locust? Famine? Floods? You wish. Nope. The Aging Apocalypse is not the end of the world, just the end of your youth. And not just the gray hair, reading glasses, and overall crotchety demeanor you’ve been expecting. It’s far more nuanced. And, oh, it’s happening. The signs are there. I’ve been side eyeing them with a growing sense of helplessness that I’m powerless to stop my impending irrelevance.

#1. Birds
Sad to say, it starts with birds. And not Alfred Hitchcock birds. That’s too cool and cinematically interesting. Rather, just the average birds in your yard. At first you notice a red bird or a blue bird and think, “well, isn’t that pretty.”

– – – keep reading

And a heart one

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…

Do the thing that makes you smile.

Not that polite smile you’ve been carting around for those sidewalk encounters or for that one Zoom meeting where you must show your face for the first five.

Not that smile.

Not that smile you draw on after finishing up that fresh-eye look, with concealer below and alls-right-in-the-world perky brows above.

Not that smile. – – – keep reading

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Till next week friends, have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx

2 thoughts on “The Friday Recliner ~ November 27th

  1. Hi Trace. Love the glass garden. Very clever. I also like the 20 questions. We should give it a go some time. I reckon Helen Mirren or Judy Dench. Except they are older than me!

    But what grabbed me is the aging apocalypse. (Have you seen my kookaburras!). I well and truly experiencing the apocalypse but maybe there should be an eighth sign: you can identify all the above signs and actually don’t give shit.

    Have a great day



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