The Friday Recliner ~ November 20th

Hi friends.  Welcome.

How are you all?

Firstly Happy thanksgiving to my friends from across the water. I hope its beautiful even though like everything else this year it might be celebrated a little differently than other years. Thanksgiving is one celebration I’d be  happy for us to officially adopt here in Australia. Nothing stopping me from starting I guess and what’s more I’ve got all the plates I’ll ever need for hosting after finding this lot  during the week.

First things first though – – – –

A few good things to get your weekend started on a relaxed and restful note.

A Good Word


Courtesy    Angie Gibbons Instagram

A Good Look


Rest up friends. A good sleep can be a joyful thing

A Good Idea

from Jenn at  What You Make It Blog

Sometimes what you need for self-care is the last thing you want to do.

There’s a lot of things that make me well that I just resist. Like clean eating. Exercise. Counseling. Putting my phone down. Water instead of coffee. Prayer or reading without distraction. Being still.

Why do we resist? Because sometimes self-care means self-control or self-denial. Sometimes the best way to serve yourself is not the easiest way.

Don’t get me wrong. I am such an advocate for self-care. And yes, to me that includes the things that just make you feel grateful and glad – manicures and mindless reading and movie watching. But I’m realizing that sometimes self-care means putting what your immediate self wants last, in favor of what your future self will thank you for.

I’m curious – do you find this to be true? What types of self-care help you the most?

A Good Read

From Myquillyn Smith

For when things don’t look the way they should but are exactly where they need  to be

Simplicity, Comfort, Joy – Why Our Family Room Looks Like a Hotel Lobby

I’ve been hiding something from you for weeks. 

It’s the fact that we ended up with three black sofas in our tiny family room

It all started with my big (actually only 80 inches) lady, black velvet sofa, it was the jumping off purchase for our family room redesign back in March and I love the sofa with all of my heart and plan on keeping it forever. 

Then we found a pair of second-hand leather chairs on Facebook marketplace and THEN I decided that the corner by the TV was really awkward and a single chair just wasn’t working for us there. The chair couldn’t figure out which way to face – the TV or the rest or the room. Spoiler, no one ever sat in this chair. Those who did, regretted it – – – – – Keep reading  

My Daughter

from  Rev Lydia

Here’s a snippet

My daughter turned one a few weeks ago. Most parents are shocked by how quickly the first year of a child’s life passes. This was not the case for me. This past year felt like the longest year of my life.

Just a couple weeks before she was born, I wrote about how worried I was that she’d turn out to be more wild than her easygoing brother who never gave us much trouble when it came to his sleep, eating, potty training, or anything else that our fellow parents struggled with. All my fears came true. 

I love her, no doubt. But she is wild.

Whatever the messiest, most dangerous item is in the house, she’ll want her hands on it. Even better, on top of it, like the kitchen counter because it’s filled with sharp knives, hot drinks—the fun stuff! 

She’ll be happily playing on the ground with an age-appropriate toy. I’ll turn away for a nanosecond to pee and when I return, she’ll have opened the refrigerator and toppled the stack of glass Tupperware. I feel like a football player doing practice drills non-stop. I take a water break, and there she goes! Right to the medicine cabinet.

She also still doesn’t sleep through the night – – – keep reading

And some thanksgiving food for thought from Shannan Martin with

How to Gather When We Can’t 

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Till next week friends, have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx


2 thoughts on “The Friday Recliner ~ November 20th

  1. Hi Trace

    Your post this week has made me stop in my tracks. The photos of the note to self and the baby sleeping touch me in different ways.

    However the article my Daughter has really made me think. No surprise that I struggle to give myself permission to parent and see it as worthwhile! And yet this time of work has actually begun to allow me to spend time with the girls in a meaningful way. I am really enjoying this season even though it is challenging me too with the transition to what’s next. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day


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