The Things That Grow

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You know I’m always amazed by what grows and what doesn’t grow in my garden. Wild and overgrown for the most part yet its a constant source of inspiration to me.

Not too long ago in my wandering around out there I pushed the tiniest tendril of a plant that had fallen off another plant into a pot. I planted it  with only a whisper of hope it might grow and then forget about it.

Another of my potted plants though got the best of my attention. I moved it into the best light and out of the wind, watered it and fussed over it and kept a close eye but it was having none of it – it shrivelled and died just the same. 

My forgotten little plant though while I was busy elsewhere had doubled its size and was growing lush and strong and lovely. 

Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well. Ecclesiastes 11:6


We sow the seed, we pour the water, we think we know –  but the growth, the life – that magic isn’t ours.  

That part is Gods. 

And we can lament over whats not growing in our lives, throw ourselves prostrate trying to will something out of the ground that we are convinced should be growing but to no avail. And while our back is turned, in the place we least expect it,  is the growth and life and increase we are longing for.  Our prayers answered after all.

Ours to sow but its Gods to grow. 

Lets not miss what’s growing by fretting over whats not. 


And April is as good a time as any to consider just that. We are four months in and the place we started in January may not be the place we find ourselves in now.  Things dreamed of and hoped for then may be scarce on the ground right now and disappointment is always tempting.

Gods timing is everything and His beats ours.  And goodness me He grows unexpected things in the unlikeliest of places.


So whats growing for you right now 

Whats feels like a sweet stream coming up on the inside

Whats bringing you life 

Whats bringing you joy

Whats bringing you peace

Let’s take  in the fragrance and shape and feel of that.

Let’s take our fill of whats growing and be inspired by that 

The rest is God’s.

Love to you all today

Tracey xx


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9 thoughts on “The Things That Grow

  1. “Let’s not miss what’s growing by fretting over what’s not!” Amen! And while we’re at it, let’s rejoice in what’s given instead of fussing over the not-given. (I”m so prone to this . . .)

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  2. Tracey, It’s interesting, but I’ve been pondering about what grows and what doesn’t of late. I have been fascinated to watch our garden seeds sprouting up as if before our eyes. Or the tender buds on the bushes outside pushing forth even though it’s been cold. It truly is all in God’s perfect timing.

    I love how you tied that in to what grows or doesn’t grow in us.

    Thanks for sharing this very edifying post!

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  3. What a sweet and wise perspective… I’m far too prone to focus on what’s not growing both in my life and in my yard (ahem… my hydrangea?!?) Tracey, your words and the pictures from your garden are so refreshing as I come off a few weeks of mad dashing around lamenting where I’m not seeing progress (the blog….my bible study…) but if I’m just the tiniest bit more inclined to meet God in prayer more often even when I can’t sit down and read his word for the amount of time I’d like to then that is growth and he will honor it…. Love to you friend and Happy Easter ♥♥

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    1. A big yes to that Heather – time spent away from our own heads and in there with God – even the little – is growth and worth gold. Thats our refreshment for the rest of it. I love that God can grow things while we are not even looking. Your blog – as big or small as it is – is beautiful and a constant heart level real life inspiration to those who read. Keep writing from your heart Heather, do what you know to do – the rest is Gods. Speaking to myself as well!!!! God bless my friend and Happy Easter too. xx

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