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Why Women Connect?

I knew I would be doing some writing this year (2014) and I thought it would be here on my own blog.

Turns out I was wrong – – – I often am.

This was the plan – immerse myself  and every spare moment in writing and creating my blog.

This wasn’t the plan –   get all uncomfortable and vulnerable,  write words for others, learn, encourage, love, include.

     But that’s what happened. It was a better plan.

In April of this year (2014) I was given the opportunity to start writing  a short weekly post to encourage and connect with the ladies in my church – just a few ideas based on a passage of scripture – short and sweet – some mid week inspiration and a way for us to bond a little and learn from each other.

My Pastor – an amazing lady who I am constantly inspired by – just said “go for it” when I suggested that this might be something we could all enjoy. Thing is I’d suggested the idea thinking she (or someone as equally qualified)  might be the one to write it – being Senior Pastor and all . Apparently that never crossed her mind. She loved the idea – so with a “you can do it” slap on the back I was in it up to my computer screen.

She took a risk though – she knew me well enough to know I wouldn’t write complete rubbish but that was about it.

Me – I panicked some as I do  – mainly about things like – “who cares what I think or write about anyway” and “what if I do write complete rubbish”.

We both took the risk.  How thankful am I that this beautiful lady, Pastor and mentor just trusted me when I didn’t trust myself. She did more than she knows. How gracious was she to just say “go for it” – how gracious the ladies in my church to let me write to them each week. I’m so  thankful to be doing this because writing these posts each week has changed me.

I’ve learnt a whole lot about writing –  theres nothing like a little bit of a dead line and a word count to have you honing your ideas and choosing your words carefully. God Bless the Delete button.

I’ve learnt about me. Writing has  pushed me out of my safe zone. You see I love to encourage and include and inspire other women where and if I can – always have – but boy does it get me jittery and uncomfortable and feeling exposed at times – theres this frustrating part of me that always want to stay hidden away where it’s safe and no one can see me. Drives me mad. The thing is –  it will keep me safe from doing anything interesting or creative if I let it and keep me safe from love and community and amazing friendships as well. Someone said it this way “The Introverted are the people who live in the constant tension between the desire to communicate… and the desire to hide.” Ann Voskamp. A Holy Experience.  Oh dear thats me – but I’ll contend with that tension thanks – its worth it – – –  what’s safe anyway? So now my feet are wet – I say bring on exposed and vulnerable – theres much more to be gained there than there is to lose.

And the best bit – I’ve learnt  about this person Jesus – I’ve learnt about an enormous, amazing, unending, incredible love that He has for us and that has changed me. Jesus the start and finish of everything – the One who is “altogether lovely – this is my beloved and this is my friend” Song of Solomon 5:16

We’ve been listening to some good music along the way but this one is my Women Connect shower song – its kept me, dreaming and praying and thinking and pondering and looking up all year.

 Brighter than the Sun  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpm68Jx7KTc

 Tracey xx


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