Five Minute Friday ~ Settle

We have a way here in Australia of making molehills out of mountains. We fix things with a slap on the back and a "she’ll be right". And we fall apart later. Life can scatter us like the chicken feed I throw across my lawn of a morning. Life can have us all over the shop as we might say here, distant from ourselves, further away than our arms can reach.

Five Minute Friday – WITH and BETTER

And with this last Christmas I was reminded all over again that being with the people I love wins out hands down without question over having everything go to plan OR ticking all the boxes on our "this is what we do at Christmas" list OR having the house all spruced and Christmas ready. Of course it's lovely when things do go to plan, when the food turns out how it's meant, when the house shines as I like it to and guests and or children, take your pick, behave the way they should. Lovely yes - but not essential to joy shared and thanks given and a good time being had. Not even nearly.