All In

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life – – – Psalm 23:6

Theres a little sign attached to a low red brick wall that I pass each morning as I walk the few blocks from my car to work. Im almost at work when I pass it, breathing heavy from fast walking, a thousand things in my head yet this small sign all washed out and faded that shouldn’t even be noticeable any more always gets my attention. It marks the entrance to a car park and it simply says IN .

www.waterintwineblog.comA lot of days I feel about as faded and washed out as that inconspicuous sign but every morning it prods me with the same question.

You IN ?

My answers the same as I make that last dash to get to work  each day.

Im IN  I feel it under my breath, in rhythm with my feet  I’m IN, Im IN. Im all In

Both hands, both feet, whole heart.

I need that prod, I need  to make that decision  – – – because when life feels like its all a bit too darn much as it has done lately I have a tendency to look for the out.

Not physically but mentally

When I’m stretched out thinner than what I think I can handle, when I feel in over my head – – –  I’ll start to tune it all out. Dial everything down, create a good arms length, hide from the kids, stop answering the phone and just generally ignore a whole lot of things.

But theres a few people that need me  In

The people at the end of the phone calls I take each day need me In – not distracted, not dismissive or disinterested – all IN

And My kids need me In – not distant, not put upon, not crabby,  not slamming food down in front of them and not keeping a safe distance so the noise doesn’t deafen me. All IN because when the ground isn’t level and their heads are full of questions I know what they need from me are open arms and an easy smile and ears that are listening. They  need me finding joy on the hard days  and laughing at the crazy and trusting God against the odds because thats how they’ll learn to do it.

That little sign reminds me to be all In the moment with the people He’s given me, to give the best I’ve got right then and there whether that moment brings warm breezes and sunshine or whether it brings a pile of clothes about as high as me in my back room, a great load of dishes in the sink and the kids fighting over the TV.

Change can throw us off real bad, so can a lack of control – I can resent what the season requires, I can try and tune it all out or I can receive  it all as from the hand of God. A different or a hard or a crazy busy totally in over my head season doesn’t mean its not a good season with good things to give.

I liked this thought

“life is better when we let ourselves feel lucky” Shannan Martin

So right now in this moment here with you – “I’m in”

Lv to you all today xx

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7 thoughts on “All In

  1. Yes and Amen girl! I’m tempted to hide out a lot too when things feel too hard… but I know that’s precisely the time God wants me to tune in to him. I love how that sweet inconspicuous faded sign became your small reminder to be stay plugged in even if it feels like it’s wearing us out! I was feeling stretched before we left on vacation and even after we came back it was hard to get back in the swing of things– felt easier to just fade into the shadows- especially around the internet… but I’m so much more energized when I’m all in to creating and writing and sharing what God has put on my heart. Hanging in there with you through all the seasons! ♥ Can’t wait to hear what else “Octember” taught you 🙂
    P.S— I read your post in my email last week and was starting to make some changes as a result so this was a nice kick in the seat to see it pop up again today! ♥I’m All IN with ya♥

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    1. Hi my friend – so happy to hear from you. Yes glad I’m not the only one that’s tempted to run for cover when the pressure is on. Amazing too how God can use the littlest things to give us a push. I love what you said there about how staying involved in what we know does us good – writing and creating and sharing even when we are not sure the words or creativity are there – we get the refreshment and energy we are looking for to do all the rest. How true is that. So excited to see your new post arrive in my inbox. Yaaay !!!- off to read. Thanks for hanging In with me across the miles xx

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      1. Aww girl! Thanks for hanging with me– if nothing else, I am consistently inconsistent with my writing and responding some days! ♥ I love how God connects us with such simple things and thoughts. He is so good. Hope you are having a lovely week, friend! ♥

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  2. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday! I’ve been that exhausted momma who has missed the ordinary moments that matter, but I’m grateful for new mercies and fresh perspectives that give us another chance. I’m in a busy season, but God has shown me ways to let go and really appreciate those around me. I’m so grateful for that and your words affirm that.

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    1. Kristin my absolute pleasure. It’s been a while since I have linked up or published a post for that matter but writing is one of the things that restores my soul and helps me stay All In. Really appreciate you taking the time to come by today. God Bless.


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