What I Found In September

So time to take a little bit of a gander at what I’ve found in the month just past.

Wondering why I do that ??  Well this post will fill you in a bit but really its because like most of you I love a good find – whether its a good book, a good basket, a burst of colour in my garden, the gift of a few minutes to write or think straight or a post thats grabbed me.  Anything that helps me do home or life better –  well it might just get a mention here.

So lots of little finds for sweet September.

At The Shops

Bit of a storage and organisation theme happening when it came to op shop and store finds. Maybe its spring that’s got me tidying up and throwing out and getting things all put away and clutter free –  who knows but it was  a month all about throwing stuff in things and I must say the house looks all the better for it. These two pots and my kids dropping  the most amazing array of items on the kitchen bench every day got me started.


Pens & pencils, toys, hair ties, loose change, batteries, Nintendo’s, sunglasses, lollies, lip gloss – I could easy go on. My solution  was to throw “all the things” into these two pots sitting close by on the end of my desk. Bought them with every intention of putting plants in them but this was a more pressing need. Worked a treat.   Everything easy to find when they want it and a clean kitchen bench in a jiffy.

Lets call it “casual” storage at its finest (and on a budget). Heres a rundown:

  • Cute as a button yellow and white pot $1.00 from Target good for loose change
  • Gold planter from the Reject Shop  for $7 that as said I use as a hold all because it’s a really good handy size to throw odds and ends in.
  • Vintage yellow Tupperware in perfect condition at the kids school fete thrift stall for $2 each.
  • Red basket tray /random paper file from the op shop for 50c .
  • White cane basket from Freedom Furniture that I’ve had for a while but only just found the right purpose and place for. Less sturdy than my usual basket finds but a whole lot pretty – its now corralling the towels in handy reach of the bathroom.
  • Wire basket from Kmart for $9 – a place for all the  lounge cushions to go apart from the floor when not propping up someones head or back. I don’t get why they can’t stay on the lounge but they  just never do.


Got any spring time/fall time organisation going on at your place?

So to other not so practical finds:


Found this little landscape at the school fete.  I always seem to be on the look out for a pretty landscape – beautifully executed ones yes  but I tend to like the ones that look a little bit “home done” too, a bit imperfect like someone was having a practice. Every now and then one will jump out and come home to live at my place for a bit. A way of me saying “I know your not a Rembrandt, not even close but your still lovely, your still inspiring, you  still have something to say so just go ahead and be you”. I don’t say it out loud or directly to the painting so I think we’re OK there. So this is one of those – I like her soft colours and lines  –  sitting on my desk at the moment, giving me something peaceful to stare at while the words percolate.

In My Inbox

Some AWESOME  posts

Why We Must Not Stop Grieving by Christie Purifoy


Loved this post which explains why I want to cry buckets  when I look at my kids baby photos.

And this post  from a woman who writes like no other

When You Fell a Bit Busted and Old: The Traumatic Disorder of Everyday Life by Ann Voskamp


This one hit every nerve and more than once. A great read.

On My iPad

IMG_6475Roots and Sky ~ A Journey Home in Four Seasons by Christie Purifoy  – no words for how much I loved reading this book so I’ll use someone else’s.

” I have been terrified of hope. Because if hope disappoints, does that mean that God is also a disappointment? Christie reminds us that hope like dreams, is made of stronger stuff. She invites us into a year of her life lived in real time in an old Pennsylvanian farmhouse, choc full of hope and decay, promise and weeds, work and wonder” Lisa Jo Baker 

Not too far in I found a paragraph that was a relief to read. Not so much inspirational words but real words that summed up entirely the frustration I  felt for so long  living in what felt like like a broken down, busted up house especially in the early years and no end in sight. The  frustration too of feeling like everything –  EVERYTHING – was working against me trying to make something lovely of this pile of bricks and mortar.  A feeling that almost stopped me writing a blog about making home when my own home  felt and still does at times like its limping, with too many frayed edges, with too much  undone and worn out and a limited capacity to set it all to right.  – – –

This was the paragraph.

We live so much of our lives with our hands tied behind our backs. With everything to do – more than we can possibly accomplish in one day – we are yet further hampered by illness, tiredness, a lack of money or time. This seems true even on good days. With twenty four hours in a day, how many must we devote to unproductive necessities like sleeping? Eating? Not to mention shopping for food or washing sheets or changing endless diapers. Some days we have more freedom than others but we are always, to some degree hemmed in by weakness, by need, by lack or by loss. We are hungry and needy as new born babies. we fool ourselves if we imagine anything else to be true. Roots and Sky Page 36

And then this:

This house is deteriorating. My body is dying. We are subject to the same terrible decay. But worth is not measured in such terms. Once upon a time, God called his creation good. And no curse of sin unwound those words. Gnarled maple trees. Plaster walls. An ordinary women’s ordinary body. All good. To care for these is to say to death, “You are not the end” Roots and Sky Page 54

Magic words. That’s right hope is made of stronger stuff. It remains, it flows relentless and regardless.  It keeps me looking for the good and God breathed and lovely even on the grittiest most ordinary of days and even while the gutters hang rusty and with the back fence caving in.

On My Phone

Along similar lines – this Instagram feed  @shannanwrites


Oh my, I love how this lady views life.  Her photos are of such ordinary things – sidewalks and streetscapes and swing sets – the things she sees as she walks her kids to school. A fellow lover of derelict houses as well. If you feel like your life is a little left of centre too than you’ll find a kind companion in Shannan.



You can take a peek at her Instagram feed here and her blog here

Found out this too:

Screen Shots are my favourite

What I realised putting this post together is how much I love and use screen shots  to capture info that I want to remember – things to read, podcasts to listen to, quotes I want to refer back to, recipes I want to try, rooms  that I love.  The reason it works for me – it’s incredibly simple – requires only a press of two fingers and its all nicely saved and stored. Anything more  complicated and I’m a goner.

Heres a sample.

So thats my finds for September. Any finds your way? Would love to hear

Big love and blessings from my  home to yours

Tracey xx


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3 thoughts on “What I Found In September

  1. Good morning Trace,
    Another great read with great photos and thoughts.
    Yesterday, to mark the beginning of our move to Queensland and to de clutter, I gave away our huge extension teak table and 6 chairs. We have had it 12 years and we seem to use it less and less. Gave it to a family of 7 who have just re built their house and created a new paved area out the back. They will have it for Christmas so I’m sure it will be well loved. Now we have a big space out the back…… We are going to get a rabbit for Anastasia. She really wanted a cat but I can’t picture how that will fit with our indoor space or lack of.
    I really like this sentence:”What if freedom comes not from climbing, but falling”? It’s the antithesis of our hedonistic life style. Must have large, perfect, beautiful home with ocean view, 2.5 kids and 2 ginormous fuel hungry impossible to park vehicles. We live the polar opposite and we are the better for it really. Older style tumble down weatherboard semi on busy road. Heaving with old furniture and Chinese students. All folks are appalled that we accommodate students. But these young people have been well loved and cared for in our humble home. I’m sure even if they don’t appreciate it at the time they will look back and be thankful that they had a soft landing in a very tough city. We have made many home cooked meals. We have walked around our suburb a lot (only one teensy car). I hope we have taught our daughter the value of people rather than things and to be wonder struck with the natural world.Yes, what if life is found in falling rather than climbing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So when are you moving to Queensland? Loved your comment Jen – beautifully said. We can somehow discount our own small homes as being half houses, not quite up to snuff, not quite the real deal but they do the job of sheltering and including and nurturing, they provide a place for loving people the same as the perfectly appointed ones with all the bells and whistles – sometimes even better. Had a feeling you might like what some of Shannan Martin had to say. Hope we get to see you before the big move xxx


    2. Good morning Trace,
      Thanks. After re reading that post. Maybe I’m just trying to justify our limited financial means! I guess you can interpret it either way…
      Ah, the pipe dream of re locating to Queensland. We have thought long and hard about this. My chief motivator is my brother now owns 2 enormous Noosa style houses on Sunshine Coast. He can only live in one. What does he need? Permanent good tenants. What are we? Permanent good tenants. What high school can we send Anastasia to in Sydney? Randwick Girls High, JJ Cahill??? It’s a no brainer, the Sunshine Coast is dripping with beautiful, landscaped Christian high schools with every bell and whistle at 1/10 the cost of a private school in Sydney. Although, we constantly hear stories of “no jobs on Sunshine Coast”. How often do we re locate and make up our own job? It’s literally the story of my life. We live on limited means in Sydney, what’s new on the Sunshine Coast? We will pick a date at the end of December 2017 and pack our stuff and move. If it doesn’t work, well, the worst that can happen is, we have to move back! The rent we are paying in Sydney for a modest, almost, falling apart property, for the same on Sunshine Coast, we get way more bang for our buck. Really, we have to go, why would we stay????
      Hope all is well with you. Did a market research job in a sofa store and spied a great book that I secretly read when the store was quiet. “Absolutely Beautiful Things” Anna Spiro. A Brisbane located decorator. I was really impressed with her ideas.
      Love always,

      Liked by 1 person

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