Five Minute Friday ~ How

Five Minute Friday = Prompt word, five minutes, just write.

No over thinking, no over complicating.

This weeks prompt word: HOW


How do we move forward when things are such an awful sorry mess.

How do we heal, how do we do better?

On a human race level

On a down and dirty, right here at home where we feel it most level with the people we love the most.

Where relationships are hard and love is harder,

And despite our love we can still get it wrong.

How do we move forward when things feels more broken than we ever imagined

Source: Cavalier Gardens, Sydney, Australia

Inch by inch is how

  • One faltering, awkward conversation at a time
  • One  kindness at a time
  • One listening without judging or interrupting or defending at a time
  • One I’m sorry at a time
  • One you have my full attention at a time
  • One just sitting and being with at a time
  • One watching a good movie and eating popcorn together at a time

And anything else that is right and true and makes room

And we inch towards a better place 

We inch towards healing

In the half light, not sure if we are getting it right, without guarantees

Except that love works regardless. It has powers of healing we’d like to bottle or put in the water.

Love wont lead us astray,  it wont leave us hanging

It’ll lead us forward

Thanks for reading friend.

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