Five Minute Friday ~ Settle

We have a way here in Australia of making molehills out of mountains. We fix things with a slap on the back and a "she’ll be right". And we fall apart later. Life can scatter us like the chicken feed I throw across my lawn of a morning. Life can have us all over the shop as we might say here, distant from ourselves, further away than our arms can reach.

Five Minute Friday ~ Lack

Oh don't get me started on that one - you'll never shut me up.

I could wax long and loud and lyrical about what I think I haven't got and what I haven't done and what I don't have in terms of smarts and looks and get up and go and how I nearly always feel about 20 steps behind everyone else in the whole wide world.

But where would that get me in the end. What would that achieve except to bring us right back to where we are right now.
And friend I say that's as good a place as any to start.