The Questions I Don’t Lose Sleep Over

Joining in with Five Minute Friday this week.

Five Minute Friday =  prompt word, five minutes, just write. No overthinking, no over complicating.

This weeks prompt word: QUESTION

Yes I got me a couple of questions.

WHY am I the only person in this house who knows how to change a toilet roll properly

Why when there’s a perfectly respectable container for the dog food does my boy leave the bag of food next to it

Why do they start throwing garbage in the bin without putting a bag in it

Why does my boy leave his soccer gear right in the middle of my floor – his underpants too sometimes

And why, WHY !!!! do they put empty Coke bottles back in the fridge

There’s more of them – there are so many more that beggar belief, that have me wandering around my house saying “really” a lot.

BUT because life is full of actual big serious hard core questions I wont be losing any sleep over them. Will these be the questions I ask in 10 years time or even 5 or 3. Nope not even close. I look back now to 10 years ago and the questions I ask don’t have anything to do with Livvys habit of weeing on the bathroom floor after every bath or why Eth would not under any circumstances put his own clothes on.

Here’s what I do ask myself. Did I kiss their dear little squishy faces enough, did I cuddle and tickle and play with them enough, did I make them feel safe & tell them they were the most amazing little things I’d ever seen.

Those are the questions that might keep me awake ay night.

Those are the questions that have me wrapping my arms around my great big strapping 15 year old boy (when he lets me) and saying “best boy ever” and looking Liv square in the eye and saying “how glorious are you”.

So my questions in 10 years time are more likely to be: did I listen, did I hear, did I spend time, did we laugh a lot over silly things, did I help make their dreams come true.

Please God let the answer be yes

Now I can’t do a thing about the past and the future isn’t mine yet but what I have is this great right now. These ordinary extraordinary days. Days of miracles and wonder, ripe for embracing and holding and talking and laughing, dressed in empty coke bottles and soccer boots and a thousand other upended things. So  precious, fleeting and  lined with gold.


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OR write your own five minutes worth and pop it in the comments below xx

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6 thoughts on “The Questions I Don’t Lose Sleep Over

  1. So true. Although I’ll be honest and admit that I am still asking the toilet roll question 24 years on and counting!
    Your FMF Neighbour #48

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  2. Hi Trace,
    Another thought provoking piece!
    This is maybe a bit of a shang hai but I would like to read some tales about your menagerie of pets…. My question is: Are you best friends with your local vet? (And have you paid for that additional extension to their home via vet fees)? One of our guinea pigs had a severe eye problem. The eye had to be removed – to save the guinea pig. I paid for the surgery. I couldn’t bear the pain of putting the gp down and explaining that to our daughter…
    How have you fared??? I see the rabbits have access to the best room in the house!!!

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    1. Good question Jen and sure happy to regale you with stories about all our furry feathered family members. They do become like family and I’ve surprised myself how much I love them. No we don’t have pet insurance. But when Curly got sick about 5 years ago the vet held out little hope without surgery – old man issues and a tiny fragment of bone in his throat (which I diagnosed not the vet!!). Almost $3000 but just couldn’t put him down after being such a faithful lovely dog and basically growing up with Ethan. Surgery x 2 did the trick and he’s been going strong since so glad I did it. You’ll notice I don’t post photos of the ducks anymore. We had a very big upset with that. Fifi went nuts one day and attacked them. They survived but she had done so much damage we had to have them put down at the vet. Kids were devastated- me too – but they got to say goodbye properly and took me a long time to look at Fifi again without telling her how wicked she was. But again love wins out. Have had to explain to the kids that pets bring such joy but the downside of that is the sadness when they go. Life lessons!Basically we go to the vets when absolutely necessary but no not best friends. I’ll keep you posted on the backyard activities Jen. It gets crazy. Somedays I feel like I’m in a Minty Python skit xx


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