Holiday Word Play (and Other Good Reads)

Written words can also sing – Ngugi Thiong’o

www.waterintowineblog.comNow its no secret I like words and lots of them

The written word over the spoken word any old day if I had to choose, if push came to shove.

And January, as always,  had me wading through a lovely sea of them.

Theres all those new year posts for a start – I love reading other bloggers new year missives. Totally amazed at their presence of mind so early on in the year  – popping out genius posts the first week or two of January when I’ve barely made it off the lounge or out from under my Kindle but oh God bless them that they do. I’m so grateful to have such good inspiring insightful words to read.  Kind companions as I tip toe my way into the new year and feel my way slow for a good bit – a peaceful lull before the real work of the year begins.

And because January is our summer here in Australia I always have a good book  or two on the go – nothing makes it feel like a holiday (even if your at home) like a good book to bury yourself in, especially when no one seems to mind me serving dinner at 9  or if I get out of bed at 11.

www.waterintowineblog.comAs for MY words ? –  well that story really started in December .

 I had been trying to come up with just the right meaningful non cliched Christmassy thing to write on my bathroom blackboard which had been  blank for a good while. At some point “Washed Clean” had been washed off. I’d hung my Christmas wreath in front but I was wanting some words.

Then I saw this phrase embroidered lovingly on a holiday pullover on Instagram. And because Home Alone is an all time Christmas favourite in our house and because it seemed appropriate for a bathroom and because we can all just get too darn serious about things- – – – we ended up with this.

My kids thought it was Hil-arious with a capitol H.  I did too but then I’m easy entertained.

A week into January though I was staring at a blank board again and wondering what words I might write that had something to say about this new year.

See I’m not much good at new year proclamations or declarations. Personality type partly, post Christmas exhaustion mainly. But heres what I’ve found. When I give myself a chance, a bit of space, a bit of time without forcing the issue somehow the right words find me anyway, they rise on up to the surface without me even trying.  And sometimes the tiniest of incidents or events can resonate way inside and tell a story you didn’t know needed telling. I had two of

One was sitting on the edge of the sea pool on a hot, hot hazy day, somewhere between Christmas and New Year watching my kids swim. I hadn’t brought my swimmers for “all the reasons” (those extra kilos, unforgiving lycra, legs that haven’t seen a razor in a while) and I was feeling pretty pathetic because I hadn’t made the effort and because I don’t want my kids to have the mum that just watches from the side, I don’t want to be the mum who’s always just looking on.  I half told myself “I’ll be organised next time, I’ll wear my swimmers with all the appropriate coverage and get in – next time.” but it was an old and tired and incredibly boring excuse that I’d heard myself make too many times before. Some moments are there for the taking and some don’t come again so I took the moment and got in with the kids clothes and all much to their delight  (they were so daring me to). Olivia thought it was too funny and Ethan who seems to get embarrassed if I even breath near him in public these days,  loved it as well because despite his bravado he loves me being in the thick of it with hm.

The second was a decision to take our two up to Sydney on New Years Eve to see the fireworks on Sydney harbour. Ethan has been talking about wanting to do this for a couple of years and very conveniently each year we have been down south camping. This year we didn’t go camping though. Uhh I can’t begin to tell you how much I did not want to go to Sydney on New years Eve. It had all the elements of a waking nightmare for me. Thousands of people all trying to see the same thing at the same time,  traffic congestion, road blocks and the keeping everyone safe  – no thank you. The last time I’d ventured into the city on NYE I was young and single and had drunk a glass or two of champagne to  steel my nerves. I  was soooo tempted to back out but  it was the same deal as the pool – Ken and I looked at each other and thought  do we make excuses, do we act like boring people or do we take our kids on a wee bit of an adventure. Do we grab this chance and show them that even without the perfect plan, with things against you,  you can make a decision and get yourself where you want to go. So we threw our fold up chairs and picnic blanket and a few snacks and drinks in the car and headed up. Theres a lot we haven’t been able to do for our kids this summer. No holidays overseas that according to Ethan, all his friends are on,  no  annual camping trip either as we usually do due to my work  –  but THIS we could do. Yes we could do winging it even at the risk of getting them all the way there and not seeing a thing all Griswold like. We could do looking like the  Beverly Hillbillies driving around  ultra posh Point Piper in our truck. WE could even do me reversing up a very steep one way street and double parking to get a great view of the Harbour (with plenty of time to spare I might add). Oh my goodness the excitement when we found that view. And those fireworks. Most spectacular I’ve ever seen but truly I didn’t go for the fireworks – I went to see my kids faces and to hear them say “we did it” like we had climbed Mount Everest” rather than just drive an hour and a half from home. I think my boy grew three inches that night he was so happy and pleased that he had finally got there.  Was it a glamorous new years eve? – not a bit but we had ourselves a little family adventure and that beats glamorous hands down anyday.

Small moments and small decisions that turned something over on the inside of me.

This is what my board says at the moment

Jump In With Both Feet

Jump In With Both Feet

Not as side splitting as the previous message but a good reminder for the kids  because showering and bathing isn’t always high on their priority list. And  a good reminder for me to ditch the excuses more often and follow my heart  more than my head.

But it don’t come naturally.

Jumping in isn’t really my style. I’m more a slide in quietly while no one is looking  kind of gal, more the type to tip toe around the edges till I get the wobbles and just fall in – which are both Ok options because you still end up in the water. But I’m a great one for not getting in at all or getting half way in and then turning heels and heading home where its safe. I’m a good one for talking my self out of things and faffing around and overthinking and overcomplicating everything to such an extent that I end up waving the white flag  in surrender and turning on Netflix.

Maybe its time to approach things a little differently.

Now that  doesn’t mean I’ll be trying to be someone I’m not, or I’ll be committing myself to a whole slew of things I have no capacity to follow through on or that I’ll be  diving into things completely unthinking.

What I think it means is:

Less  making excuses,

less overthinking

less overcomplicating

less censuring myself

And more just giving things a whirl

and then hanging around long enough to see what happens.

More trusting myself and trusting God

More doing the things I’m scared to do but that I’m absolutely convinced God can do

If I take the chance, if I follow His lead, if I don’t pull back

Worth a try

Maybe it just means more swimming in my clothes.


A few other words I’ve been reading “just by chance” of late are in Luke 18 and 19. Stories of two people worlds apart but as broken as each other. Both had every reason to pull back and lay low and shy away and make excuses.  Except that they didn’t – they recognised the moment, they grabbed the  opportunity for the  short second it was there and as a result came face to face with living breathing Hope. Zacchaeus was a wealthy educated, influential but corrupt man,  despised by his community and so short he had to climb a tree to get a glimpse of Jesus. Who knows with what attitude he climbed that tree – derision, curiosity, inner turmoil, shame – it doesn’t say but where he wasn’t was at home feeling sorry for himself. He was up that tree having a good look where everyone could see him and when Jesus eyeballed him and said I’m coming to your house to eat,  Zacchaeus said Yes. He led Jesus to his home with great “excitement and joy”. He could have just as easily scoffed at the invitation from this dusty story telling man, he could have brushed him off with a wave of his hand, climbed down that tree and disappeared into the crowd. But Zaccheaus took the leap, he took the chance. The other man a blind beggar, the lowest among his people, without position or employment or a home. But when he heard the crowd gathering and the excitement grow he wasn’t about to miss out.  He had little to hope on, no one to stand for him and when he heard it was Jesus, he didn’t wait for permission or for an invitation – he started to holler. He had a brokenness that wouldn’t let him stay quiet and the more he was told to shut up the louder he got. He shouted until Mercy walked right up and gave him back his life. I wonder at that sort of courage, the sort of courage that says yes against all the odds, that takes that risk, thats prepared to fail, that doesn’t let go of  what just might be possible.


I’ll leave you with these words that I first read last November. Some words make a home with you. They tell part of your story and settle on in you and don’t leave. These are some of those.

My eyes have seen the king in his beauty.
I have glimpsed a land that stretches afar.
It is a peaceful abode and a place of broad rivers and streams.
No galley with oars rides them.
And In this place, even the lame carry off plunder
Christie Purifoy

Would love to hear how January has found you so feel free to share away below.

Before I go here are a few of my favourite online finds/reads for January :

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How To Give Your Home A Fresh Start – The Nester

I’m Not Into New Year Resolutions – Instead I Do This – Lisa Jo Baker

How I Handle Screwing Up My Goals – The Lazy Genius Collective.

Happy reading, Happy New Year friends -( is it too late to say that?)  and much love from my home to yours

Tracey xx

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Summer Holiday Road Trip

Each time for the first time. Each moment the only moment. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Would it be alright if I just shared some photos and thoughts with you today from our most recent adventure.

Now I’ll warn you  –  the thoughts may be brief but the photos are many!!

I’ll set the scene

One Kia Grand Carnival,  two mammas,  five kiddos with maybe a dozen electronic devices between them and  – – – seven hours on the open road to get to  my sisters house in central NSW.

Let’s call it a road trip – although officially it probably doesn’t qualify.

www.waterintowineblog.comNow this photo I had to source  as I wasnt quick enough with my camera – it was a huge excitement though because this was the first time ever that I’ve seen  a whole mob of Kangaroo in the wild – or the bush as we like to call it – I’ve seen the odd one or two at a time but never a whole mob – there were maybe 40 of them and right next to the road – amazing.

So we very gratefully arrived late in the evening at my sister Jen’s house and it just so happens it’s one of the comfiest little houses you could ever hope to find yourself in for a few days and I couldn’t stop taking photos.

Her home is a riot inside of vibrant colours yet it has this very relaxed and inviting “ come on in and stop a while” feel about it. Walking in you cant help but exhale and sink very gratefully into the closest comfy chair (or maybe that was relief of having survived a seven hour drive with 5 children – who knows).

What I know from many a conversation I’ve had with my sister  is that she’s been very intentional over the last couple of years about how she wants her home to look and feel.

The main things she’s concentrated on are:

1. Having less stuff in her home – I’d say with persistent decluttering she’s reduced what she owns by about half. You can now see the bones and detailing of the house and appreciate the high ceilings and spacious open rooms and you can appreciate all the finer detail in pictures and soft furnishings because there is less.

2. Introducing fresh vibrant colour’s that she loves and is inspired by through out the house. She has changed the wall colour in the main areas from a pale cottagey green to a fresh clean creamy white that works to bounce the light around and acts as a perfect back drop to all the colour she loves.

3.  Making her home more functional and comfortable both for herself and for her visitors. So there is now  plenty of comfortable seating and separate areas dedicated to different purposes. A TV watching area, a crafting and sewing room, a reading area and the one I took most advantage of – a sitting and talking and drinking coffee area where everyone has a decent seat. So now I’m going to give a very honourable mention to the three seater leather lounge in her front room where two out of the three lounge seats are full recliners operated electronically if you don’t mind with the push of a button. Of course as you recline the footrest rises up to support and cushion your legs just where you need it and there are two more single lounge chairs that do exactly the same. That’s four recliners in one space. Really – need I say more except it makes conversations long and leaving hard.
Here Jen has used old wooden clothes stands hung on her craft room doors to display some of her patchwork fabric. Too clever!!

Jen’s intentionality has been rewarded with a home that truly reflects her I think. Her innate creativeness and her relentless drive to make a difference and show the  love of God to people is reflected in all the fresh life giving colour – a pushing back of the darkness, a showing up, a not giving in. Her home and heart tell that story.  Her home is a haven for many a weary traveller and any one needing a respite from the world for a bit and this time it was me, my best friend and the rowdy tribe of youngins we brought with us.

Other things I really appreciated as an overnight guest was the very comfy bed although I would have quite happily slept in the recliner, the ceiling fan, the good light and reading material beside the bed, the pile of soft fresh towels in the bathroom, the stocked up coffee station and the Scrabble set ready and waiting on the dining room table.

Simple things that turned our three day stay into a truly lovely vacation.

Now  the garden – oh my !!!  Full of old rusty things it is totally beautiful and inspiring and a lovely place to spend some time in the cool of the morning.

www.waterintowineblog.comwww.waterintowineblog.comwww.waterintowineblog.comwww.waterintowine.comwww.waterintowineblog.comwww.waterintowineblog.comwww.waterintowineblog.comNeedless to say the kiddos were far less impressed with the pretty house and garden than I,  but they were exceptionally impressed with this sweet little fella.

And they loved getting their hands in deep with this fantastic craft activity that Aunty Jen had up her sleeve. You can find images and easy  tutorials for Sharpie T-Shirts here if you want to try it.

And with the 43 degree heat (approx 109 F)  we were all  incredibly impressed with the local swimming pool.  Summer heat and water and nowhere else to be spelt a good time for all.  The kids were unstoppable and the best bit, the ipods, ipads and iphones didn’t get a look in. At last!!

Seems running and jumping and climbing and splashing and pushing  and  shrieking madly for no good reason haven’t lost there magic after all.

In the dew of little things the heart finds it’s morning and is refreshed. Kajlil Gibran

So here’s to my lovely sister,  a generous and thoughtful host and an all round inspiration to me and many. By way of a very brief bio Jenny lives in Condobolin in central NSW where the works as a child and family health nurse. She sews and crafts avidly but always with a purpose in mind. In recent years she has been involved with Days For Girls an international organisation that  provides  quality sustainable washable feminine hygiene kits to girls & women that would otherwise go without. The kits enable the girls and women who receive them to not miss valuable days from their education or employment. Jenny co – ordinates  a local group  who happily and relentlessly sew, pack and send these amazingly valuable kits. To find out a more about this incredible organisation got to Days for Girls International  or Days For Girls Australia on Facebook.

So to finish off I always like to leave you with a link to something good to read. Some people have been writing genius posts while I’ve been holidaying and putting my feet up and this one’s a beauty. If your like me and get a little overwhelmed at this time of year with the  4000 things we need to be doing or not doing in 2016 in order to  be successful then here’s a post that will calm your nerves. It’s from one of my favourite bloggers Heather at Recollected Design and is full of  good simple honest advice about getting yourself on track as you head into this wonderful new year. You’ll find Five Steps to a Redesigned Life an easy and inspiring read. Just click on the title .

God Bless

Lv Tracey xx

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2016 Ready or Not

Happy New Year friends – so pleased to be back here at last and with a new year in tow.


Here it’s a beautiful sunny day that’s a welcome relief after four days of solid heavy rain. The rain’s had us hibernating which it almost goes without saying has been no problem for me – there been plentiful coffee and a whole lot of good home cooked food after living on whatever was  easy to cook on the camp stove for the previous week. There’s been a good book, Season Five of Downton Abbey and another totally addictive series I had no idea I owned keeping me not too far from the lounge. The only thing to interrupt my cave dwelling has been the odd mad dash out into the rain to corral wayward Guinea Pigs and to feed dog’s and chickens that were almost washed away and theres been a weeks worth of washing to get through with everything sandy and smelling of the sea.

But today – – –  the air is fresh and the breeze is  crisp and  I feel like I might just be ready to make a start on this New Year. See the new year has a way of sneaking on up and giving me an awful fright, asking me questions I’m not ready to answer and right in the middle of my holidays too.  So as always I’ve been taking my time getting started and warming up to the new year slowly. No doubt we’ll  talk plans and goals at some stage soon  but in the mean time, not so much as a distraction but as a way of getting me there,  let’s you and I have a bit of a catch up.


I would have liked to have been here a whole lot sooner so I could at the very least send my Christmas wishes your way but my internet service AND my computer decided they weren’t doing Christmas this year and threw one spanner after another in the blogging works.  And just when we got it sorted and I thought I might make it in by a whisker on Christmas Eve my computer mouse turned up its toes and died. So my lovely Christmassy posts remained un posted and are well and truly lasts years news  – – –  I was with you in spirit though.



The issues with the computer were quite fitting given that I’d decided to be totally relaxed about what did and didn’t get done this Christmas and trust me there was a whole lot that didn’t get done. I love a little bit of Christmas decorating but this year  “little” ended up the key word. We managed to get our tree up  – twice in fact – so we weren’t a total loss. The first time  Ken had a slight mishap negotiating his way through the Christmas boxes and knocked her over. Gasps of horror at first but nothing broken including Ken so laughs all round because it’s such a typically “daddy” thing to do. We strung a few lights, set up our nativity scenes, hung my favourite wreaths and that’s as far as we got. That took us a week  – seems the go slow set in early.


I had two other boxes of decorations beckoning but the more I walked past them the more I thought “ain’t gonna happen” so they returned to the garage without a fuss. So we had a busy month but without the extra pressure I often put on myself to create and bake and hang and tizz,  except what I wanted to do.  Olivia and I made red and a green jellies  but I don’t think that counts as baking and I finished off a wreath I’d started making last year.


The house still  felt Christmassy, there were no complaints from the kids. Apparently there’s no one that comes around and checks  that your doing Christmas right or with the appropriate intensity and when I think about it I don’t think we were any the worse off for it. In fact I know I was actually a whole lot better off for not killing myself to do everything and be everywhere. It’s the Christmas decorating you do when the school year is finally over and your completely exhausted and when it’s just too hot so you go to the pool. It’s the Christmas decorating you do when your your little girl turns nine one week before Christmas and she’s invited six friends over for a party and sleep over!! Lets suffice to say they all had a blast and we lived to tell the tale.

Less fuss didn’t save us from our usual round of not quite Hallmark movie moments though. The tree setting up in our house is never the joyous family time that we’ve somehow been duped into thinking it will be.  Somehow the excitement of Christmas get’s to Ethan and despite him counting down the days till we can set up the tree, the minute those boxes come up from the garage his mood nosedives and he is cranky and snappy and sulky and nothing says happy Christmas quite like that does it. I did manage to cut them  off at the pass as they were warming up for what’s turned out to be an annual knock down drag out fight over who puts certain decorations up and who puts the star atop the tree. Ethan thinks as the oldest it’s his birthright. Olivia disagrees. I called time drew names out of a hat and ended the whole “discussion”.


Christmas Day we only had one stomping off into the bedroom in a huff and slamming the door incident (not me I’m pleased to say) which is not too bad for a  Christmas day I think. And then of course there were those moments that shone –  the chinking of vintage champagne glasses together with the kids to say Happy Birthday Jesus, Olivia dancing for the whole family on Christmas Eve to Aussie Jingle Bells and her sheer happiness at all the yummy things I’d laid out for lunch and being able to choose whatever she wanted – apparently the perfect lunch is having main and dessert on the same plate – I tend to agree.

Truly less fuss  doesn’t make for a perfect Christmas any more than going all out does. I think we all know by now there’s no such thing. The only perfect element of our Christmassing is Christ. Christ who is with us thank God in our Christmas craziness and on our most ordinary weekday, our constant companion regardless of the number on the calendar and despite the state of the house. And with all our fuss or lack of fuss as the case may be  in a few weeks time it will be a matter of:

“We were together.  I forget the rest. “ Walt Whitman

and this

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.” Bob Hope



So two days post Christmas we left for a week of  camping on the gorgeous South coast. You can read about the type of fancy sshmancy  camping holidays we tend to take in this post  if you like. This year we booked early and we’re back in our favourite park right on the ocean. Ethan was still whinging that he’d really  prefer to be  holidaying on the French Riviera or similar (like we had planned that all along but by some twist of fate ended up camping). He  stopped complaining only when he was snorkelling, eating or sleeping. I tried to keep him busy with all three. We had a collapsing camp chair which ended in Ken doing a surprisingly effortless full backward roll, air beds that slowly slid down hill during the night, amenities which always seemed to be closed for cleaning when we needed them the most and pouring rain while we packed up. Happy days.


You might wonder why we do it –  I know I do at times, but in amongst the roughing it and the inconvenience is the time we have together that we don’t always get at home. With Ken working away so much over the last few years,  having time,  just us together is still a really big deal for us. The hanging out, not doing anything particularly spectacular except play snakes and ladders, eat camp fire food at odd times, and swim in the ocean with no TV to distract us and no rooms to hide ourselves in is so worth it.  Close quarters for a week has its drama’s but it has it’s payoff too and it’s the shared fun and crazy moments and the sense of “we’re all in this together”  that keeps us going back for more.



And me I am always grateful to have that vast and relentless ocean to stare at as the new year arrives.  It has a way of reminding me in my new year angst, of the magnificence of God’s love that flows vast and relentless toward me. In it’s enormity I feel minuscule  but I also feel seen, a part of it all with a part to play and for me that’s a reassuring place to start a New Year.



A Clean Slate

Camping is down sized uncluttered living in the extreme and it always reminds me how truly little we need to get along just fine. By the time we arrive home I’m itching to clear down the counters and empty out corners and give a whole lot of things I don’t need away. I take it a bit slower with the Christmas things as the kids get a bit forlorn when they see Christmas being packed up, so I just do a little bit everyday and they don’t notice so much and there are a few lights I happily leave up for a while because they look good anytime of the year – – – every thing else though is up for grabs. The New Year is all about fresh starts and clean slates and my house is always the first place I want to start when I emerge from my holiday lull. There’s something very therapeutic about a clean uncluttered kitchen counter, a  tinsel free floor and a fridge cleared out of all those left overs and theres something very motivating about seeing the sun after so much rain. Possibilities are mounting – – – – so maybe it’s time for the new year and I to have that chat.

 I’ll let you know how I get on.

If your wanting to jump right into the decluttering here’s a post I read recently  – I normally don’t read posts with these kinds of titles but glancing around my house at the time I figured there could definitely  be a couple of mistakes I was making.  I found this one helpful. The Biggest Decluttering Mistake You Dont Know Your Making. 

So what’s  been happening in your new year? Would love to hear

Tracey xx

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A Reason to Celebrate

Five Minute Friday = prompt word, five minutes, just write.

This weeks prompt word:  Celebrate

Molly Whitmore

Celebrate – now that’s appropriate – see we’re in a celebrating mood round these parts – so much so you might see me skipping.

On an ordinary day I’ll go looking for them – reasons to be thankful, to rejoice and to celebrate because it’s there that water turns into wine and it seems wasteful not to, to let all this goodness pass by unnoticed and unseen and unthanked.

But these don’t feel like ordinary days – they feel like days of rain after a drought, like a great weights lifted, like we’ve climbed Mount Everest and didn’t die.

See after years of paying a kings ransom for our mortgage, after four years of paying off our debts bit by bit, week by week, blow by blow – our mountain of debt is now just a molehill and the clincher: we’ve been able to secure  a new home loan with a lender that doesn’t want the shirt off our back for the privilege. Oh that’s some big happy news for us, the thing we’ve been aiming for and praying for all this time, that’s reason to celebrate. Small in some peoples books maybe but monumental for us. We know where we started. (I write a little about that here).

God in the Small Places

It’s the culmination of Ken’s hard work, a reward for the years of working in harsh conditions, being away from his home and his children. He’s paid a big price to get us here but he’s done it determined, relentless and with a smile on his face.  No small thing.

IMG_0171And the relief for both of us is palpable – these past few months have been like walking a tight rope, so many factors that come into play, every last financial detail examined and reexamined and us with our heart in our hands – I wanted to say “examine this heart – it will tell you everything you need to know”, but it doesn’t work that way.

And as these things go, in a darkest before the dawn kind of way, just as we could see the finish line, out of the blue it looked like we were gonna fall at the final hurdle, the ground suddenly shaky. A job scare and then a health scare that makes you realise what’s really really important – and it’s not bricks and mortar, that makes where we are now all the more a miracle, like an amazing gift – because we know it could have so easily gone the other way

But for the grace of God – – – –

I’m so very thankful for the faithful good people who advised and helped us, so thankful for Ken’s determination and love, so thankful for God’s generosity towards us, the manna by day and fire by night, to keep us moving, to keep us pointed and headed in the right direction.


Out of the wilderness into this spacious place.

That’s reason to celebrate.

– – – weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

Love to you all



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Five Minute Friday – Here


Here  – – – still in this house – these walls, this space that contain part of my heart -by some miracle, by the skin of our teeth, by amazing grace.

When so many times almost bust – no downright broken- we thought we were goners. Grace expired, a mountain of debt, bank balance zilch.

I would work in the garden quiet, where no one could find me, away from the phone I was too scared to answer – I would dig and think and lament and imagine unearthing some long forgotten treasure that would save us (I think the pressure was getting to me). And I would pray – – – – and ask God to help us, to make a way through. To save us.

The answer came not in a flood, not in a treasure dug up from the ground but in the way that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, like a drop in the ocean at first. One decision, one idea, one conversation with the right person offering the right advice that led to a dozen more steps in the right direction.

Small reprieves, unexpected favour.

A faithful hardworking husband willing to do what many wouldn’t, family that stick by you, that give of there own life to give into yours.

Such loving kindness, such tender mercies.

Amazing Grace pic

Here, not of my own doing or my own smarts – theres no such thing – but by a million small mercies.

Grace poured out – undeserved and no way to pay it back but say thank you a million times over and to talk about the strong arms that have carried us, that made sense of things, that put what was broken back together, that made a when there was no way.

Here in this place – by amazing grace

 – – –  to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified. Isaiah 61:3 KJV 

Love to you all today

Tracey xx

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