Five Minute Friday ~ Unknown

Five Minute Friday = Prompt word, five minutes, just write.

No over thinking, no over complicating.

This weeks prompt word: UNKNOWN

It’s been a week of unknowns

And first times and not sure how we’ll actually do this and will it all work out and will it be okays.

Some just small tiddly unknowns, some “kids growing up and becoming more independent and finding there way” unknowns. Either way you might have noticed they can have us nervy and emotional and in need of a good lie down.


My boy attended his first ever end of year “formal” on Thursday night. Preparations started last Sunday, took up most of Tuesday, culminated on Thursday and involved a startling number of trips into town to look at and try on grown up men’s suits – a first for both of us. And then there was the umming and ahhing and discussion of colours and furtive trying on and me having to keep a respectable distance from the change room and death stares if I didn’t. Think bridezilla but a 16 year old testosterone fuelled male version and then God help me, there was the tie and shoes to choose.  I think he was just nervous wanting to look good as we all do when going somewhere special and the not being sure what to expect and the wondering if we’ll actually be able to pull the whole darn thing off.

As it turns out, suit was a smashing success and the nerves must have worn off because he did  “the worm” in spectacular fashion by all accounts to a cheering circle of friends and came home elated with statements like “best night ever” being bandied about. Mission accomplished – but lordy what a week.

And she doesn’t end there – – – 

(Five minute done here)

Friday, still recovering from events above, Liv reminded me that her youth activity that night was a progressive dinner and mode of transport between houses was bike. Push bike, on the road!  From house to house. ! Oh dear Lord in heaven. I just need a quiet night. You know how it is when your tired and fear and anxiety can sneak on up and lay you out. This was one of those. She hasn’t done much riding on the road. Queue road safety lecture, irrational statements and me having a cry. Her response was “I’ll be fine”. A prayer along the lines of “I give up, ” and eating dinner helped. She had fun, she was fine.

Never a dull moment though. Over weekend Livvy’s has had two full days of dance rehearsals which she has taken in her usual cool as a cucumber stride. Me not so much. Yes the whole weekend! I wasn’t sure how I would actually get her there with rehearsals all the way on the other side of town, me having to work Saturday and a major regional event happening Sunday, smack in the middle of all roads leading that way. Not a problem apparently. She packed herself enough snacks to sink a battle ship yesterday and when I dropped her off at 9 threw me another “I’ll be fine”. First time on her own. Normally I’d stay. This time I couldn’t. Weird feeling leaving her to organise herself for the day. I picked her up at 4:30 snacks were eaten and hardly a hair out of place.

One more curve ball.

Today Liv had to be photo ready with stage hair and makeup in place and at 8am we both drew a blank as to how we’d wrangle her now shortish bobbed hair into the low bun required. That not stressful enough I managed to leave the kitchen sink running flooding the counters and floor while we cajoled that bun into place and after the very briefest of meltdowns and clean ups we beat the truck convoy  down the road by about 45 seconds and arrived on time. 

I have that good kind of exhausted /train wreck feeling tonight.

Here’s one thing that’s known. As unwieldy and wild and woolly as it gets sometimes it still feels like the kindest of privileges and the weight of it an abundance.

Thanks for reading friend.

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday ~ Unknown

  1. Unknown

    To me it depends on the situation. At work it feels me with fear and dread and I have to remind myself “I am not defined by this”. Going somewhere I have never been: exciting, adventure, sense of discovery. How is that one word can polarise my emotions?

    Have a great day


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    1. Well you’ve nailed it right there. With things unknown there is the fear and dread of not knowing and also with it that sense of adventure and freedom that not all has been decided. Either way we are held as we go. I wonder if you could apply that sense of discovery and adventure to the unknowns of your work. Xx


  2. I loved this. It is a gentle tonic, sorely needed

    I’m glad that I can’t see ahead
    in cancer’s dark forbidding land,
    a place where every hope lies dead
    and no-one’s there to hold your hand.
    It is so hard to stay inspired,
    and keep morale from sinking low
    when I am so bloody tired
    and the demons wait below.
    It’s hard to meet the blood-red dawn
    with anything like bright resolve;
    that which remains stands upon
    a footing which may soon dissolve.
    But despair is what I can’t afford;
    my forbears fought at Agincourt.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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