The Friday Recliner ~ July 30th

The Friday Recliner

Hey friends. Hope this finds you doing well.

Anything lovely planned for the weekend?

Its been another lockdown Friday here and there wearing thin but the sun was shining hard so with  being off work and having nowhere to be (and the thrift stores closed !) I spent a good part of the day just sitting on my front verandah enjoying it. Possibly more of the same over the weekend with a bit of DIYing thrown in and maybe an outdoor fire because its just that kind of weather.

Hoping as always you find a little inspiration for yours here  – – –

A Good Word

Read more from Aundi  HERE  and more from my favourite Slow Living Advocate Jodi HERE

A Good Look


Shall we call this “Bringing the outdoors in”

See more of this gorgeous home here

A Good Idea

From Kimberly Coyle

On my run this morning, I found inspirational notes scribbled in colored chalk along the path.

The words leapt from the asphalt:

You are so awesome

Use your star power

You got this

You are phenomenal

Keep up the good work

You are so strong

Keep on going!

I typically dismiss phrases like these as too pithy or too saccharine to really motivate me, but honestly, as I dragged my tired body around the park today, I needed them.

It reminded me of how I used to sharpie my name in block letters on my running tank the night before a race.

I knew when I needed support the most, a spectator would see me flagging and shout my name:

Looking good, Kimberly!

(Reader, I was not looking good. I was often passed by geriatric speed walkers)

And the closer I got to the finish line, the more I heaved and stumbled over rubber band legs, the more encouraging the shouts became.

You’re almost there, Kimberly! Keep going! You’ve got this.

(Reader, I did keep going. I did have this, albeit in a sweaty, slow sort of way)

I know I’m not the only one who’s feeling a little stumbly and little worse for wear.

If your rubber band legs and over-taxed heart need a boost, borrow a phrase today—tell me which one—and I’ll cheer your name from the sidelines

You’re almost there. Keep going!

A Few Good Reads

Know Thyself

If I were a dog, I’d be the kind that’s easier to shave down than to groom. I wear the same clothes all week and often get past noon before I put on a bra or look in a mirror. I am a woman who, in a pinch, goes to the party with earrings that nearly match, betting no one will notice. I color my own hair even though, fairly frequently, the girls discover fist-sized gray sections in the back I can’t see or reach. I never change filters or replace toothbrushes or stretch. My wanton disregard for maintenance of all types is what Edward was referring to when he “joked” that it was “on-brand” for me to proudly drive Big Blue. Big Blue came into my life a few months before Claire did. Seven months pregnant with a second kid

– – – keep reading

Why So Many Millennials Are Obsessed With Dogs

The only thing getting me through my 30s is a cranky, agoraphobic chihuahua named Midge.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, I have asked one question more than any other. It’s come up time and again, day and night, as frequently in my post-vaccination spring and summer as it did in the dark moments of the pandemic’s first wave: Are you my booboo? – – – keep reading

That’s all for now friends. Enjoy the reads and have a beautiful weekend, rest up, do something you love xx

2 thoughts on “The Friday Recliner ~ July 30th

  1. Thanks Trace for the reads today. I enjoyed both of them and sadly can relate to the know thyself and cars. First time I bought a new car – Hyundai excel I managed to put the steering lock on backwards and had to calm the NRMA. It got towed and grinder off! He was only a week old!

    We waited so long to get Nel. I can’t imagine our hone without her. She every bit has trained us to her needs but has also supplied unconditional love.

    Enjoyed last night

    Regards Inge


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