The Friday Recliner ~ October 16th

Hi friends.  Welcome to the Friday Recliner for another week.

Have you got something lovely planned for this weekend? I hope some resting and recouping and enjoying things you love is on the menu.

First things first though  – – –

A Good Word

A Good Look

Because it’s OK to enjoy the “little” things.

Find more dollhouse gorgeousness at Life.In.A.Dollhouse

A Good Listen

This one got me good and proper

Days Are Never Long Enough

– – – Another year has come and gone. Another circle round the sun. Another thousand tears have fallen. I don’t ever count the cost. I’m surrounded by your love. Days are never long enough – – – 

Sung by Lera Lynn and Thomas Dybdah from the soundtrack of Modern Love Season One. It’s a long intro but so worth the wait.

Listen to it here

A Good Idea

In fact an excellent idea from my internet friend Kyra Joy Craig (with a thought or two thrown in from me as well).

Kyra says

“It’s okay to scatter joy around in the form of gift baskets, flowers and home cooked meals.


It’s okay to set boundaries on your time, energy and emotional wellbeing.

Just because you want to be generous, doesn’t mean you have to go negative in the energy bank.

Love that advise because it highlights the fact that we’re often less inclined to pace ourselves when it comes to things we enjoy doing or want to do or feel are right to do.

But those things can run us low just the same if we over do it or spread ourselves too thin or aren’t wise.

Boundaries aren’t always about drawing lines in the sand that others can’t cross. Often they are about balance and discretion and showing ourselves the same kindness and care we are eager to show others.

A Good Read

Two of them as always

Vacation Daddy

Here’s a snippet

Something happens to my husband when we go on vacation. He turns into what we refer to as, Vacation Daddy. The normally sensible guy who makes everyone in the family insane with his calculated overthinking on everything from how much toilet paper should be used, to the exact dollar amount needed for comfortable retirement is gone, and in his place is this fun guy who’s passing out Sour Patch Kids, cranking the tunes, and saying yes to everything. Who is this guy? Vacation Daddy is real. A phenomenon I’m only beginning to fully understand after sixteen years. I’m not entirely sure what happens. The night before vacation he’s Regular Daddy, inspecting bags to be sure everyone has packed sensibly, turning on light timers, and calculating the exact time we need to leave the house to make it through security and be the first ones on the plane…this is key, I’m told, for prime overhead baggage availability. Even through security, he’s still Regular Daddy, the model of efficiency, moving us through with no-nonsense seriousness like we are the Von Trapps escaping the Nazis. Once we get to the gate? He’s like a one man freakin’ party. He’s pointing and snapping playfully at the kids going, “Who wants a smoothie?”

– – – Keep reading

Not sure they got the Australian bit entirely right but fascinating all the same

 – – – – Read here

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Till next week friends, have a beautiful weekend – rest up, do something you love xx


4 thoughts on “The Friday Recliner ~ October 16th

  1. I must say I do enjoy a good picnic! I have experienced a number of different ones over the years, with a mix of hot and cold options.

    Have a great day


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