The Friday Recliner ~ October 2nd

Hi friends – welcome to The Friday Recliner

Around here we still do the politically incorrect “pinch and a punch for the first day of the month”. The kids love to catch me out and get in first. I used to tone it down to a kiss and a hug for Livvy when she was little but she preferred the original version. Anyhoo in that spirit I’m sending you a virtual high five and a first day of October hug for yesterday.

The year is marching on (sigh of relief from all) and it continues to remind us good and proper that life is a gift and that love and joy are precious and powerful commodities. Not  just a whim or a fancy but the sort of things that can push back darkness in the world. We’ve had to go looking for that joy a bit harder this year, dig a little deeper, not able to rely on the usual distractions and I think were all the fuller and wiser for it.

This week, on the home front we had the gale force winds for a few days taking a bit of our verandah roof with them, followed by the kind of balmy sunny spring days that soothe like a love song. Its a roller coaster friend.

On that note then, lets ease on into the weekend  – – –

A Good Word

There are no small pleasures. Pleasure is pleasure and if you can find things to enjoy, it no longer feels small,  it feels beautiful.

Mary Pipher

A Good Look

Hang out with a friend. You’ll feel better

A Good Idea

by Shannan Martin

Tidiness is Overrated and Gardens are Lifesavers

I once read that you can tell what a woman is like by the condition of her kitchen sink. I’m not usually a fan of those broad, often condemning quips but in this case it holds water.

(Like my sink), I’m a little gritty, a championship multi-tasker, unbothered by low-grade messiness, and I always have salsa somewhere within reach.

(In the garden) what started as four boxes full of old dirt became a place of comfort and curiosity and dinner. All I can tell you is that the wilder it grows, the more I love it. Much like my family. My neighborhood. My church. My community. Tidiness is overrated. If you don’t believe me, just ask the volunteer cherry tomatoes growing straight through the tangled Cosmos stems, unbothered and somehow better for it.

The Cosmos have bloomed and my little garden is still saving my life.

My mind is spinning, my heart is aching, but walking barefoot across the lawn and nosing around in the dirt always, always helps.

What’s saving your life right now?

A Good Read

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