The Friday Recliner ~ August 28th


Welcome to Friday Recliner friends – a little something to get your weekend started on a relaxed note and a quiet place to rest a while.

Finally FINALLY it seems  the weather is on the turn.  I can feel a hint of warmth in the air and  spring just can’t come soon enough for me. Anyone else ? I think our resilience has been pushed to its limits this year and more than ever we are longing for warmth and comfort and reprieve. Of course if your from the other side of the water it might be a cooling breeze and a fire at night your longing for. I hope they come soon.

First things first though  – – – –

A Good Word

Don’t give up what you are trying to do.

Where there is love and inspiration,

I don’t think you can go wrong

Ella Fitzgerald

A Good Look

Rest doesn’t have to be complicated

A Good Idea

Take Five

from Shauna Niequist and Laura C Thomas

(with a few thoughts from me thrown in at the end)

“What would our lives be like if our days were studded by tiny, completely unproductive, silly, nonstrategic, wild and beautiful five-minute breaks, reminders that our days are for loving and learning and laughing, not for pushing and planning, reminders that it’s all about the heart, not about the hustle?″

Five minutes to enjoy 

A good conversation

A laugh

A prayer

Your coffee

The way the light comes through the kitchen window

The glint in someones eye

The sky

The ocean

The smell of your dinner cooking

The shape of the trees 

Heart over hustle friend … 

A Good Read

For when we can do  this again

Here’s a snippet
So, you’re headed out on a family vacation this summer. Great news! But are you sure? Are you sure it’s a vacation? You might want to think about that for a minute. Because a vacation is best described as time away from a job and/or the monotony and frustrations of day-to-day life, with the goal of relaxing and having fun.
Not to be a super downer, but chances are, if you have kids (and they are coming with you), you aren’t going on a vacation at all. You’re going on what I like to call… a trip. You see, a trip is simply a journey to a place.

While there is nothing wrong with a family trip — and, in fact, it can be a memorable time of family bonding — it should never, ever be confused with a vacation. Such confusion can lead to unexpected feelings of regret and disappointment typically taken out on your spouse, who, incidentally, is feeling just as confused and swindled as you are.

To best prepare for your time away, take a look at this handy guide to determine if you are going on a Vacation or a Trip, and thus set your expectations accordingly. And by “accordingly,” I mean down a few notches.

How Will You Get There?

If you are traveling by car, there is a good chance it’s a trip. If you have packed one or more “throw-up bags,” clearly, it’s a trip. If you packed a training potty, not a vacation. A trip if ever there was one. If you break into a complete sweat loading the car and/or overhead storage compartment you spent a small fortune on because you thought it was kinda cool, well, that’s a trip. If packing the car leads to a fight with your spouse about who has a better “system”… you, my friend, are going on a trip – – – –  Keep reading

And another beautiful one
by Kyra Joy Craig
Here’s a snippet
For most of my life, I believed that rest and downtime were signs of laziness. There must be something I could be doing, but I’m exhausted.  I felt like I did the evening wrong when I fell asleep at 8 pm on the couch only to wake up at 2 am to canned laughter on the TV.  I didn’t have friends over after school because I was so tired after a full day of classes and two or three hours of after school activities. Looking back on my bus schedule, I was out of the house from 6:55 am to 5:30 pm on the days that I took the sports bus home. Mind you, I was in art club and laying out the literary magazine until 5 pm. I was not running around the track or doing soccer drills, but my mind was working.


Till next week friends, have a beautiful weekend – rest up, do something you love xx

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4 thoughts on “The Friday Recliner ~ August 28th

  1. Morning! I have had a good laugh at the definition of a trip. By her definition I have mostly had trips with the possibility of a hybrid with the cruise. Also initial look at the fire pit photo and thought how inviting. Looked closer and saw how small the pit was and thought:”that’s not a fire”! Happy to test the trip theory with friends soon! Blessings

    Have a great day


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