The Friday Recliner ~ August 14th


Welcome to the Friday Recliner friends – a little something to get your weekend started on a relaxed note and a quiet place to rest a while.

The sun finally came out this week after SO MUCH RAIN ! What a welcome relief. If it holds look no further than my garden if you need me this weekend.

First things first though – – –

A Good Word

Because we forget sometimes

Rest is not a reward.

Its a necessity Instagram

A Good Look


Stay curious !

A Good Idea


from Myquillyn Smith, The Nester,

(with a few thoughts from me thrown in at the end)

I used to never edit.

I’d only add, rarely subtract.

And now I’ve learned it’s one of the secrets to a good room. ⁠

⁠I like to ask myself, what’s the least amount of stuff I can have in a room and it still look like home, be useful and beautiful?

That amount of stuff is different for me than it will be for you but it’s a good challenge.

I try to quiet my house—or even just one room—a few times a year. Just gather up every pretty tchotchke (knick knack), small geegaw and other little junk and pile it all someplace out of the room where it can sit for a day or two and let the room breathe.⁠

I am always shocked at how cozy a room can still feels without any little junk.

And sometimes I hardly bring anything back in

Half of creating a meaningful, beautiful home is simply taking out what isn’t helping

Its free, fun and will give immediate results.⁠

We could say the same about our weekends too

We could say half of creating a meaningful, beautiful restful weekend  is simply taking out what isn’t helping

Work things, worry things, saying yes to everything things

Or  maybe were  cramming in too many “restful” activities and we finish up not feeling restful at all

Lets take a few things out and just see how it feels

Let the weekend breath

We might be very pleasantly surprised how much more we enjoy the one or two good things we leave in rather than spreading ourselves between four, five or more

Or you might discover something new that you hadn’t had room to do before

Removing what you don’t want makes it easier to see what you do

Shifrah Combiths  

Whats one or two things you might edit from your weekend ? – and don’t panic you can always bring them back in when your ready

A Good Read

3 Life-Changing Lessons My Plants Have Taught Me Recently

by Shifrah Combiths

Here’s  a snippet

Along with sewing machines and water color paper, raised garden bed boxes were hard to find this spring. They went through a few cycles of being sold out everywhere, coming back in stock, and then getting snatched up again. I managed to snag a set during one of these iterations, ordered several bags of soil for curbside pickup, and embarked on a quarantine project with the kids that I’ve been wanting to try again for a few years anyway: square foot vegetable gardening.

My husband jokingly called the endeavor my “doomsday garden.” I don’t expect to keep our family fed with our little plot, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that planting a vegetable garden during a pandemic definitely brought to mind the days of victory gardens and the comforting sense of triumph and self-sufficiency that I imagine they conferred.

Gardening, as always, gives me so much. It’s a respite from the noise in the house and the noise in my mind. I hear the chirps of birds and am able to hear, again, the truth in my heart. My fingers close around dirt and I find my feet planted firmly on the ground. And this newest gardening venture taught me a couple new things, too, about life in general – – – Keep reading

And one more 
A longish read but funny and thoughtful and well worth it

by Bryan Schatz and  Patrick Hutchison

Read here


Till next week friends, have a beautiful weekend – rest up, do something you love xx

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