The Friday Recliner ~ July 31st

Welcome to the Friday Recliner friends – a little something as always to get your weekend started on a relaxed note and a quiet place to rest a while.

It’s been a bit of a long week in my world. Maybe in yours, too? As we head into the weekend I hope you’ll find something fresh and friendly and unrushed here for your soul.


A Good Word

Read more from Leeana here

A Good Look

Find your happy place friend. Then stay there for a bit

A Good Idea

I might have shared this with you before.

I remind myself of  it when my head is racing and my fingers and toes start twitching.  It keeps me on track when I want to be doing all the projects and writing all the words and reading books and fixing up maybe twenty things in the house and  another twenty in my garden and then there’s washing to be done and I’m exhausted thinking about it

Just do one thing at a time 

One thing at a time and I seem to get as much done as when I’m trying to spread myself between seven things all at once.

And we’ll never do it all will we ?

And we can miss the best of it trying to.

We can miss the simple beauty  of a thing when we give ourselves to it, of seeing it in a certain light, the soft corner, the subtle detail, faces, conversations, the kinds of thing you have to slow down to soak it in.

And it can be such a relief to let yourself do one thing only – fold the clothes (always with a cup of tea at hand) or cook the dinner – stand and stir and taste and pour – or read the book (more tea) or pull the weeds or watch the movie.

When you’ve a thousand possible things to do.

Wave the white flag and surrender.

Weather its work or rest or play,

One thing at a time.  And let the other things be for a while.

A Good Read

13 Great Reader Comments on Rituals

from my favourite  – Cup of Jo

On making time:

“I make a French omelette every morning. I don’t put any fillings, so it’s basically just butter and two eggs, sometimes a slice of toasted sourdough bread. I haven’t gotten tired of it, but when I don’t get anything done during my mornings, at least I made myself breakfast.”

“I have tea time with a treat between 4 to 5 p.m. every day (if I can). It’s my time to be alone, stop whatever I’m doing, and reset. Giving myself the time to slow down and quiet my busy mind is essential.”

– – –  Keep reading

And one more for good measure

from the New York Times

A few years ago, I received a handwritten letter in the mail from a person I didn’t know. The writer was the executive director of a summer camp. He had read my father’s obituary in the local newspaper.

My dad wasn’t famous, but he’d led a remarkable life. Born to a Scottish maid and Irish janitor in Canada, he peddled undergarments as a traveling salesman before becoming a Roman Catholic priest in New York City. There he served as a hospital chaplain and pastoral counselor, a ministry of listening.

– – – Keep reading

Till next week friends, have a beautiful weekend – rest up, do something you love xx

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