The Friday Recliner ~ July 3rd

Welcome to the Friday Recliner friends – a little something as always, to get your weekend started on a relaxed note and a quiet place to rest a while.

You’ll find something to inspire, something to admire or think on or create and something good to read.

A Good Word

This can be refreshing too

A Good Look

Send someone love this weekend – text it, Zoom it, snail mail it, use two cans and a string if you must or just say it face to face. Doesn’t matter much. Just send love xx

Photo and paper craft by Lissova Craft

A Good Idea

Do The Work of Rest

By Cassy from SD With Kids

Rest used to be a time when I stopped moving, playing, working.

A break.

Now the rest is the work.

Because the truth is, it’s often easier for me to keep moving. Keep pushing.

Create more.

More lists.

More phone calls.

More productivity.

But when I keep burning through more, more, more, I eventually run out of fuel, and the quality of the things I make suffers.

Sometimes this burnout limits my ability to create for weeks, months, or more.

So I remind myself to do the work of resting.

Rest when I don’t think I need it.

Rest when I feel obligated to push through so it looks to others like I’m “doing something”,

Truly the best work follows rest

A Good Read

A raw, honest, hopeful and beautiful read

All You Stole and All I Gained: A Letter to Post-Traumatic Stress

And for fun

Sewing, gardening and complete home makeovers: 21 women share their isolation DIY projects.

Before we go I just wanted to honour my friend Susie who went home to be with the Lord this week. We often say that someone has lost their battle with cancer but I just can’t say that of her because she won and then won again and then won some more. She defied every diagnosis for over 20 years, living her life with joy and determination and gusto regardless. She was generous and hilarious and quirky with her tattoos and pink hair. She spoke her mind, loved her friends, did the most beautiful cross stitch and liked a good swear. I can’t say lost, it isn’t true. Susie, the way you lived your life, even in your going – triumphant is the word. Love always xx

Till next week friends, have a beautiful weekend – rest up, do something you love xx

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Recliner ~ July 3rd

  1. Good morning Trace , I knew you would write something beautiful about Susie so thanks for that. It helps just remembering what an amazing woman she was. Hope you have a great weekend and get off to the op shops. Our Vinnies opens on Wednesday and I’ll be there at 9:30 on the dot. Xxxx

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