Small Change, Big Difference – Impromptu Feature Wall

I may have mentioned this before but I’ll say it again anyway – small changes that make a big difference are my favourite kind of changes.

So in keeping with that, I thought I’d share a quick change done recently that was easy, fun and mostly done by me sweet girl Olivia.

Last Saturday she announced that she really wanted to declutter her room properly. Now I had other things planned for the day but I wasn’t going to argue, girl on a mission and that sort of thing and her room really did need it.

Now this was on top of hours of cleaning and organising I’d done a few weeks earlier (you can see that here) but I’m always conscious that they are her things and its her decision whether it stays or goes, so not near as much went out as s probably needed. I needn’t have worried.

This time it was her idea and oh she was ruthless. All sentimentalities were cast aside. It helped I think that I told her to just bag up whatever she didn’t want in her room anymore and we would work out later what to keep and what to donate – so no huge decisions had to be made at that time apart from do I want to look at this everyday or not. If not it went into a bag.

She had several bags full in a nano second and her little gallery wall which apparently had a lot of “very babyish things on it” pulled down in a jiffy. She opted to get rid of her desk and chair, the white desk top shelf and the plastic storage unit underneath. Chair and storage unit are now mine, desk and decorative shelves sold. The desk  being just inside the door which was the only place it could really go, wasn’t so much used for sitting and “working” at anymore but had become a place just to dump things on.

I don’t have a photo of the whole wall before Liv took to it but this photo proves my point about the desk. From before we had a “tidy up” and after said tidy up.


With everything off the wall you could see it needed some TLC so I suggested we patch up the nail holes and give it a sand and with that done I realised we’d have to repaint the wall!!

Olivia’s was elated. Bring on the feature wall !!

With Ken being a painter and decorator in a past life we needed go no further than our garage for supplies. She found a darkish teal blue coloured paint, a little girl sized paint roller and she was away. I did the cutting in along the ceiling but the rest was all her. She kept saying “I love this !!!!, “I love doing this” and I kept saying “I know me too” – this decorating thing –  it’s in our DNA.

Second coat

Two coats later and it was done and she is totally in love with the finished wall which she “designed” herself, very simple which is just how she wanted it and she can rearrange the fairy lights and change the word board whenever she likes.

She was also very happy to notice that her new wall colour matches the colour of the “parlour” in Anne with an E. We’re watching Season 2 now and desperately trying to only watch one episode a week.

These pics were taken during the day so the fairy lights aren’t showing so much but you get the idea and that’s not bad advise she’s giving us there.

Night pic. Light arrangement changes daily

Thank you to best friend Amelia and mum Helen for the fairy light inspiration. Fairy lights, word board, and tiny table from Kmart, our go to place when we’ve got a total of about $30 to spend on decor. We are planning to hit the op shops to find a nice comfy chair for next to the little table.

A very satisfying simple weekend project and lovely to see Livvy so happy about it too.

Any quick easy projects happening at your place. Would love to hear.

And if you’d like you can read my first Small Change Big Difference post here

6 thoughts on “Small Change, Big Difference – Impromptu Feature Wall

  1. Wowee that before and after photo is brilliant. Very welcome for the fairy lights idea. At that price I think they are amazing. I love the colour ❤❤. Well done Liv. You are going to be creative just like Mum xx

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