Small Change, Big Difference

Small Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comIt never ceases to amaze me what a difference a small change can make – especially when it comes to our homes and how well a space functions and how much we enjoy it. I’m talking sheer ease and comfort and I’ve had a perfect example of it here at my place this week.

I’ve been using this sweet little stand as a bedside table for a long while now. It was an op shop find that I cleaned up and painted that I just love the look of. It only stands about 50cm high and the little shelves about 25cm across. It’s as cute as a button but as I’ve discovered completely useless as a bedside table. If you look at it sideways it falls over – the slightest bump with a pillow and over it goes along with my cuppa, my phone, my glasses – which is pretty much about all you can squeeze onto it  – and that’s  if you use all three shelves. It’s just too small and things fall off it too easy. With not a lot of room around our queen size bed I thought it would work well being so compact – I was wrong.

Small Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comThing is I have a two perfectly respectable, if not not very inspiring bed side cubbies that I have been using elsewhere. Nothing wrong with them that a sand and a coat of paint wouldnt fix. I’m in no hurry to do either – so for now no longer needed elsewhere I decided to bring one of them back into my bedroom. Sometimes functionality just has to win out over pretty and if you can find that sweet spot where you have both, all the better.

Here she is warts and all – no beauty queen but oh she has talents.

Small Change, Big Difference

You wouldn’t believe the difference it has made to me in sheer comfort and ease. I can do wildly fanciful things like put things next to my bed that I need. Luxury. No upturned cups of tea. I now have a nice solid surface to put my cuppa, my phone, my glasses, a book even. It has a drawer too – imagine !!

Small Change, Big Difference

Funny how you sometimes don’t realise how annoying something has been until you don’t have to contend with it any more.

Small Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comSmall Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comI decided to give the drawer a little facelift before I filled it up. I cut scrap booking paper to fit the bottom and sides and used watered down white craft glue brushed on to stick it down. I let it dry overnight and then sealed it with clear gloss estapol. It took the day to dry and that was it.

Small Change, Big Difference

Small Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comSmall Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comSo just so it’s official, heres a list of five things I LOVE having within hands reach of my bed.

  1. Yes you guessed it – a good sturdy bedside unit that I can’t knock over – uncluttered so I can put things down on it with a little drawer to throw things into.
  2. My glasses and a good book – no more fishing out my glasses from under the bed. Good books? – I’m still reading this one eight months on “A Million Little Ways” by Emily P Freeman. It’s one of those books you read and re read – too good. Small Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comSmall Change, Big Difference
  3. A journalling type book to write in. I don’t do a lot of free hand writing any more but I do like it. Inspired by this post “How I Keep Track of What I’m Learning” I’m trying to get into a rhythm of pondering, reading and writing and having a book and a pencil close by helps.
  4. Hand cream – I don’t care what brand it is as long as it smells good and is nice to my hands that always get dry.
  5. Lolly’s and lip balm – I can’t seem to go long these days without either.

Small Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comSmall Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comSmall Change, Big Difference www.waterintowineblog.comSo she may not win any beauty pageants but she’s all style and good manners to me.

As for my little blue stand, its still around – it’s doing a beautiful job of hiding the double power point in my room and holds my mobile phone while it charges.

Small change, big difference – works for me.

Any small changes just waiting to happen at your place?

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10 thoughts on “Small Change, Big Difference

  1. I love how you changed this space to make it more user-friendly for you – and I think it looks beautiful! You definitely have a knack for decorating (lining the inside of the drawer was so clever, and like a little secret treat just for you – waiting to brighten your day!) I’m so glad you linked up with me and hope to see you again this week!


    1. Thanks so much Lisa – happy to be a part of your link up and will definitely be back. You nailed it – that’s exactly why I love doing the inside of drawers – a little bit of hidden loveliness that you don’t expect or see all the time. Thanks again!!


  2. Ok at first when reading I did think why has Tracey put the word “photo” randomly everywhere now this all makes perfect sense, the story is now complete, another great read love your blog xx


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