Five Minute Friday – Want

Sunday here now but it works just the same.

Prompt word, five minutes, just write – no over editing, no overthinking.

This weeks prompt word:


I read this on Instagram yesterday

“Grateful that some things didn’t work out the way I once wanted them to” (myinspired mind)

Oh me too.  Arent we all.

Yet we were so sure at the time that we knew exactly what we wanted – that person, that job, that home, that opportunity, that group of friends, that phone call – and not at all impressed that it didn’t go to plan. Yet looking back later, much later sometimes – so grateful that there was a different plan.

But there’s lots I want right now.

I want to do things that matter.

I want to contribute.

I want to be a good mother and wife.

I want to be thinner.

I want a lovely cushy “statement” rug for the lounge room floor.

I want fire warming the house each night during these wintery months.

I want to see England and America, and Italy and – – – –

I want to have more adventures with my kids.

I want an uncluttered, comfy house.

I want to write good words.

– – – – and that’s the short list.


Some wants hold more weight then others, some run deeper. Some get me up in the morning and have me doing things I don’t necessarily feel like doing. Some take work. Some have me putting other things I want aside for a while. Others are sweet day dreams, “one day”, “all in good time”, “won’t it be nice when” kind of wants. Then there are those that are deep down where only God can see – the ones that make you cry – the contour of them only God knows.

I’m not sure “want” is the dirty word we often think it is. Wanting keeps us looking and foraging and mining the depths of what’s possible. Wanting keeps us growing and changing. I think God created us rich and diverse and hungering.

But we don’t want it to ruin us. To make us miserable and ungrateful. We don’t want it to blind us to how good and rich where we are right now is, even when its not all good.

Maybe the wanting isn’t really the issue.

Maybe its what we do when we don’t get what we want. What we do when we think its all gone pear shaped. It’s what we learn and how we navigate this life when we don’t neccessarily get what we want in the colour or shape or size we ordered it in or it just doesn’t arrive at all. And right there is where most of our living is done – in the place we never planned for, the unwanted zone.

But its where the magic can happen all the same. Where the near to God -ness can truly happen.  Where we can find more and better and true- er than what we thought we wanted. Where our hands get dirty and our hearts get broken yet we come through wholer than what we were anyway.

David found out about wanting at the sharp and pointy end of life. Found out that he could be good and OK and not needing a thing right now because he had God with him. We can assume these words were said by one at their ease, fully satisfied by life rather than one running for his life, alone, accused, defenceless , all at a loss – – – – but God. A man who out the depths of a place he had never planned or wanted to be, was able to say “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”. Now theres a thing or two I’ll spend my lifetime learning.

Not what we would choose, not what we want – – – – –  but just as well we don’t always get what we want.

I wrote this recently (not in five minutes):

We would choose an easier way with saner people if it was up to us. We would choose less heart wrenching, less exhausting and less scary.  We’d choose people we could get a handle on, not so messy and mixed up. We’d choose bigger and better and looking good while we do it. We’d choose things we feel more qualified for.   

So just as well we don’t always choose, because we’d choose the easy way and we would never find out what we are made of, we’d never reach deep, we’d never lay hold of the miracle of God in us and God flowing out of us.  We’d never discover that it’s not just about us, that it’s so much more. We’d never discover what He has put us here for, we’d miss the eternal – – – – we’d miss the whole point of it. On Making a Difference

Love to you all today

Tracey xx

How I Do Five Minute Friday

So if you haven’t read a FMF post of mine before I’ll let you know how it works for me. I go to the host site Heading Home and see the prompt word usually on a Friday. Many a time I see it and just call it a day right then and there but this week I was determined. I never read any other FMF posts already linked up there before I have done mine – it would just totally skew my thinking about the word and defeat the purpose of it – which is free writing. I give myself some thinking time and may not come back to it till the next day but mostly the ideas or real thoughts only come when I start to write anyway. I set my iphone timer and write fast for five minutes  – whatever ideas come. After that I will spend up to half an hour fixing typos and grammar, adding any links needed and making sure I actually make sense (even partially will do) because no one wants to read my unedited, un previewed ramblings. I don’t add any new ideas to the ones already there even though its very tempting to add in a fancier word or another thought – but I do round ideas and sentences out, rejig them a bit so it flows. It may not be a true five minutes (more a 45 minutes) on my part but I find it a great free writing exercise that gets the words flowing without me over thinking and something good(hopefully) being said.

Got a minute? You can read other FMF posts here.

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Want

  1. This was truly beautiful, Tracey. I especially liked, “and right there is where most of our living is done–in the place we never planned for, the unwanted zone.”
    This is so true. This is the place where God gets our full attention, I think. The place where, when we uncurl our fists and release our wants to His trust, we grow more like Him. Thank you for uplifting me on this day, my friend.

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  2. YES lord! —> “We would choose an easier way with saner people if it was up to us” … But after reading and pondering your post for a few days, I’m glad it’s not up to us and what we want. Truthfully I’m battling this right now– what I want vs. my current reality… And I’m pretty outdone with all the waffling around and decision paralysis. Time to double back and reexamine what GOD wants I think.. And realize that he will never leave us without, wanting… Please write more Tracey!! xoxo Your thoughts= good stuff even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes or whatever! ♥♥ And I would love for you to see America! {wink wink!}

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    1. Ahh Heather you have done this heart good. Thank you so much for your very kind, thoughtful comment – especially about the writing. It seems like an extravagance sometimes because of the time it takes but its one I know I’m meant for and can’t do without. The wanting vs the what is – its one I struggle with too, part of the human condition I guess but the comfort is it keeps us turning to God, leaning in, looking, trusting and believing that He knows and He’s in and all over our here and now. Gotta be. Its a long story but I have been dreaming of seeing your side of the world and everywhere else for always – one of the wants that makes me cry – but I know that in His time and way he will sort this heart of mine out and it will come together one day —- so my friend I’ll let you know when I’m on my way !! Thanks again Heather for you generous and lovely encouragement xx

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      1. Aww Girl! ♥ xo You’re so welcome! I know sort of how you feel– writing or creating anything really sometimes seems frivolous– and maybe not worth it! But I know our loving creator put these things on our heart to create and calls us to get to it! So with His purpose in mind, I know he’ll work our circumstances out to accommodate. I was reminded over and over last week that God’s timing is perfect ♥ I know it’s a promise to us all. Have a lovely weekend dear Tracey ♥

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