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Five Minute Friday  on a rainy Wednesday morning – I think that’s a record even for me but it still works the same way. Prompt word, five minutes, just write. (I’m also linking up with a few other lovely blogs – links are at the end of the post)

This weeks prompt word:


I’ll  find myself just staring at him, standing in the middle of my kitchen and gazing long and lovingly at his sleek lines and handsome features. I still can’t quite believe he’s here, all clean and new and shiny, so I keep going back to have another look. My knight in shining armour – I have two now.

The first my good and hardworking husband who travels  back and forward to Western Australia every month, who God bless him decided to trade in his hard earned frequent flyer points to buy me – and  it really deserves a drum roll – – – –  a dishwasher !!!  – – – –  and I’m in heaven.

IMG_3045You may have all been singing the praises of your faithful dishwasher for years but I have never in all my adult life lived in a home with a dishwasher so you might just find me giving this guy a little smooch. Ive been struggling for a long time now to keep up with what seemed like a daily mountain of dishes and a kitchen that more often than I care to admit, looked like a disaster zone.

On a good day she looked like this.

IMG_0372On a very bad day she looked like this (and yes I should be ashamed of myself)

IMG_1661But thanks to this handsome fella


And this one


Today she looks like this.



IMG_3008What a  God send. This smooth sleek fellow has just handed me – on a freshly washed squeaky clean plate – at least two extra hours a day. Oh the things I can do.

So you might find me drinking coffee with my feet up or sitting playing UNO with the kids, you might find me in the garden, or knee deep in a project or just staring out  my window – the only thing about standing at my kitchen sink that I like, but – – – you won’t find me with a mighty great load of dishes to wash.

And with this shiny new addition this side of the kitchen doesn’t look quite so bad – not so neglected and unloved. See she’s been patiently waiting for a new bench top,  shiny white subway tile and a new sink for ever so long and – – – well this makes the waiting easier.

So here’s to dishwashers that leave my plates and dishes and cups and pans cleaner than I ever thought possible and to cleaner less neglected  kitchens – – – – and three cheers for my lovely husband who always does everything he can to make my life better.

Got a minute? – my kitchen sink gets another mention here.

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Anything new or fun happening in your kitchen?

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17 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Find

  1. What a fun post this is! One of the adjustments I’m going to have when I move into my married apartment in a few months is that there is no dishwasher. Fortunately, there will only be two dish-dirtiers living there, but I’m a pro at using the maximum number of bowls possible for any kitchen adventure . . . guess I’m going to become a pro at washing all of them, too. 🙂


  2. That’s SO cool! I’ve always lived in houses with a dishwasher, but my in-laws who live in a house with a tiny kitchen have no room for one so they wash everything by hand. It’s hard enough to manage with the two of them, but for a long time they had my DH’s sister and her daughter living with them and then we came up for Christmas for two weeks last year and it was mountains of dishes!! My FIL is usually the one who does the dishes at their house, but he got a bit overwhelmed and irritated by the extra amount, so we divided up the dish duties during that two weeks. As for our kitchen, it’s on the small side too, so I’d LOVE to be able to expand it a bit. We’d have to knock down a wall and do some major renovations to accomplish it though. One thing that is going to have to happen pretty soon is a new stove/oven. Our oven died over a year ago (stove still works) and it has been very challenging to make meals without it. You just don’t realise how much you use something until you don’t have it! We’ve got the money set aside, but it’s going to take a bit of finesse because the opening we have for our stove/oven is 27″ wide, but nearly all the stove/oven ranges made today are a standard 30″ wide. The only model that is still made at 27″ is the exact same model we have and frankly, we really want something a bit nicer. Thankfully, my FIL is fairly handy with things like woodworking and cabinetry, so he’s going to help us out when he and my MIL come to visit us in October (they live 17+ hours away by car so we don’t see them much). Hopefully we can work it out and get our new oven. I’ve been dying to bake something for over a year now! 🙂 I have a feeling I’ll be so giddy that I’ll probably post pictures on my blog of my new appliance when it gets installed! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I really appreciate all your kind words!


    1. Hi Valerie – thanks so much for your lovely long comment – so good to hear some of your story and some of our similarities. Can relate to the oven situation as ours died as well not long after moving in and had to get creative with how I cooked for I think it was nearly five years but thankfully have a beauty now (frequent flyer points again).Yes I would be getting out that sledge hammer and handing it to your FIL quick smart to make room for the oven you really want and yes you won’t know what to cook first. It took me a good 6 months to get used to having five burners and an oven rather than just cooking things that all fit in one pot or pan. Hope it all goes well and yes show us what happens on the blog. God Bless and keep on writing from your heart – you can’t go wrong.


  3. Hey it’s ok to appreciate the finer things in life. a dishwasher is not a necessity but it does the trick when wanting a clean kitchen. I love the look too. (my writing is right next to yours this week)


  4. I am so happy for you, it looks so handsome too, the dishwasher:) well your lucky to have the other one too. I did not have a house with a dishwasher until my children had flown the nest but I still loved it so so much. Now that I am not going out to work I have gone back to hand washing dishes and that is OK too, its only the two of us.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely dishwasher on Fridays Blog Booster Party #21

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  5. Oh bless your husband, that is wonderful. I admire you for all the time you have struggled without a dishwasher. I have double dishwasher drawers in my condominium in Ohio and one big dishwasher in my new home in Florida, so I haven’t had the hand washing challenge you have had. Enjoy that big boy! Thank you so much for sharing over at Celebrate it Sunday!


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