Favourite Things – February

Because we have just kissed February goodbye I thought I would share some links to a few favourite posts I read in the month just gone. Hope you enjoy!

Best house shaped post – this one sent me off into the kitchen to cook dinner with a different attitude.

Five Ways to Bring the Magic Back to Your Kitchen


This is Edie’s Cheese Tortellini Soup. It’s really good. Made it with veal tortellini as well. You can find the recipe here. To convert US measurements into metric – head to google.

Best heart shaped post – this one reminded me to take more notice and be a better friend. The Only Way Out


Source: http://www.incourage.me/2015/02/the-only-way-out.html

Best video clip – this one along the same theme of friendship reminded me that I can take a lot of things for granted. I’ll just warn you – get the tissues out now.


 Best Nest – this one reminded me to forget the rules – when it comes to decorating our homes – just do it your own wayAt Home with Paula Mills from Sweet William .  Love the beautiful mix of colour, vintage items and the sheer personality of this little nest

Best Read – A Million Little Ways. Emily P. Freeman  Loved this book. Available Koorong and Amazon



From the book – – – “He comes into us, then comes out of us, in a million little ways. That’s why theres freedom even in the blah. Hope, even in the dark. Love, even in the fear. Trust, even as we face our critic. And believing in the midst of all that? It feels like strength and depth and wildflower spinning; it feels risky and brave and underdog winning.It feels like redemption. It feels like art”.

And all of February’s Women Connect posts with a few additions here 


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All done now. God Bless and have a beautiful day.

Tracey xx


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