The Beauty of a Quick Fix

Brain therapy, mini breaks and the power of paint.


I love a project and I especially love a project that’s quick and easy, that can be done on the spur of the moment and that requires almost zero planning, time, skill or money. Sound good? They work for me every time.

Lots of the changes we make around our homes are on a  bigger scale and have to be planned out and budgeted in and saved up for and thought out to the enth degree – and well it does my head in a bit – so it’s nice to do a few things towards making progress around the house that require none of that. You just launch in, enjoy and see what happens.

For me it’s like brain therapy.  They say a change is as good as a holiday – so we’ll call these little projects mini breaks – they keep my hands busy and my brain in neutral for a little bit. They put some space between me and all of the things I’m thinking so hard on – and my brain comes back all rested and refreshed and I have something pretty to show for it too. Get’s the creative juices flowing  too – you’ll be all motivated and tackling a bit bigger project in no time at all. And the best bit – if you muck it up it doesn’t matter – theres been no great investment – you can pop it in the back of the car to drop at the op shop or if it’s that bad – I’ve had a few – why not drop it straight into the bin!!

So of my zero skill quick fixes – painting is my favourite – a lick of paint is the quickest way to transform something from blah to beautiful, from soul destroyingly awful to cute and whimsical or whatever it is your going for with very little effort. Small items of furniture, pots, photo frames and chairs are most often on my hit list and these are two little items I’ve done recently. No fancy painted finishes sorry – just a couple of coats of paint – that’s it.

I bought both these items from the op shop for I think $5. I like a little table and I particularly liked this one with a shelf. I remembered to take a before shot just in the nick of time but they always look so bleak




No good wood here, no antique waiting to be uncovered, just some pretty ordinary veneer and particle board – all scratched up and knocked about but they were solid and I had an idea of where both would go. Both got the same treatment – a coat of ESP to clean and prime – which you put on with a cloth and then wipe off.


I didn’t wait 90 minutes. About 20 I think and then we just slapped on the paint. Olivia helped so there was a lot of paint being slapped. We did two coats of low sheen interior acrylic. The paint for the hall stand was a paint sample pot that I already had and the colour for the little table was concocted by mixing some white into a tin of dark tealy bluey green that I found in the garage.You have to wait a little bit in between coats but if your outside and its a sunny day after 30 minutes your good to go..

So here’s the little table looking all pretty in Olivias bedroom.





And the hall stand looking all smart and saying Welcome at the front door.




Now if you are wanting to tackle something a bit more on the crafty and clever side here is some inspiration from pinterest.



My sister Jen posted this pic on her Facebook page recently and inspired me to create a new pinterest board Favourite Dresser and Cubby Do Overs . Take a look –  there are some really beautiful makeovers here – all so clever – and inspiring. I especially like the chalkboard ones.

So thats it – a quick fix up can go a long way at my place towards keeping me calm and sane. Any quick fixes or brain therapy happening around yours? Would love to hear.


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