All and Everything

Out of the stump of Davids family will grow a shoot – yes a new branch bearing fruit from the old root – – – in that day the heir to Davids throne will be a banner of salvation to all the world. The nations will rally to Him and the land where He lives will be a glorious place. Isaiah 11:1, 10


Just a few words today to wish you a beautiful and happy Christmas Day.

Even before we take one mouthful of delicious Christmassy food

or pull one gift out from under the tree

let’s delight in remembering

that we have it All already

there is nothing we lack

we are replete

we are full

we are overflowing

because Christ has come and given it all

we are not alone

He is with us

in our rejoicing and in our sorrow

there is no end to Him

we have all our Christmases

we have


with full and thankful hearts lets celebrate

His presence this Christmas.

God Bless

Lv Tracey xx


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