Never Alone, Not Forgotten

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 Women Connect

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And every day Mordecai paced in front of the court of the women’s quarters, to learn of Esther’s welfare and what was happening to her. Esther Chapter 2 Verse 11


We have those days don’t we? Those weeks maybe.

They happen when we least expect it, so we’re not prepared.

When someone or something upends us. A diagnosis, a critic, a cold shoulder, a gaff, a thanks but no thanks, a change or a circumstances we just didn’t see coming. The nerve is hit, the wound breaks open – – – and we are undone.  And doesn’t every negative thought and emotion want to have it’s say then, a chance to accuse and chastise and remind us, like the enemy circling, that this is how it’s always been, that nothing’s changed,  that we are indeed alone, or not up to snuff, or don’t fit in or not worth our salt. 

I wonder if it’s some of what Esther felt ?

Left an orphan, she’d known her sorrows and most certainly had her pain. But then there was one, a cousin  who took her in as a daughter. Treated her as his own. He gave her a life, a place and a family.  

Everything going for her,  then suddenly the bottom drops out.  Hauled away at the kings command.   Her beauty so envied,  a curse to her now. Snatched away from her home and her father,  at the mercy of the king. 

The rug ripped out. Upended, undone.

Except – – – for the one who had saved her, who wasn’t about to let her go – Mordecai – her adoptive father who went every day to the kings gates to watch and wait and see she was alright  – – – every day.  Who made sure she knew what to do (Esther 2:10) who stayed close,  letting her know all was not lost, to remind her that maybe she was part of something bigger than herself.

 Esther had the assurance of Mordecai’s love to comfort her, the steadiness of his word’s to guide her, his presence at the gate to calm. 


You and I have one who watches. One who calls out His peace and His presence when we are all awry and askew and wondering where to from here. One who can steady us with His word and calm us with His presence.  Who says its OK I’m near.  Who says remember what I’ve told you, remember that I’m here. 

A fathers love, immeasurable.

 It stays fast through the worst of it. It doesn’t give up or let go.

When we’re like Esther and wondering how the heck we got where we are, when we are wading through the emotion of some situation, we can lose sight of God and lose sight of our purpose and of our place. We can forget He is with us.

But it’s not in His nature to let us go or to leave us alone. It’s not what He does. We are Christ’s own, chosen, handpicked, part of the divine. Not orphans, not alone. You, I – seen and identified and loved.  He won’t be put off, He stands His ground, He watches out, He stays the distance and nothing can separate us from Him (Romans 8:39).

Christ, the power and wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:24), our life’s companion, the voice that calms the storm.  We are forever in His favour and constantly in His care. 


But here by our back door, (a) little yellow flower gives shape to the invisible kingdom of God. (It) reminds me that his timing is different from mine, his ways don’t always fit my expectations, and his life remains even when the seasons change around me. May your (Wednesday) carry hints and outlines of your true home.  Emily P Freeman

Much love to you all today

Tracey xx

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