Five Minute Friday – Crowd

Two's company, threes a crowd Except my front garden didn't get the memo Its wild and totally overgrown at the moment with fishbone fern that people still pay good money for in the shops, with agapanthus and seaside daisy and some other long reedy things that provide a bit of a screen from the road. They crowd in on one another - the more the merrier apparently and are only kept from going completely mad by the garden bed edging laid in a curvy romantic fashion by me years ago now.

On Inch by Inch Garden Progress and Small Steps that Take You Places

I still go back to these words  - - -  small steps will often keep us going when we run out of steam with the grand gestures.   Leeana Tankersley Sometimes small steps are the only thing you can do when time and money, energy and ability and plain old priorities count the "grand gestures" out for the time being - - - and sometimes taking one small step can seem like the grandest gesture of all.