The Friday Recliner ~ March 4th

Hey friends Hope this finds you doing well Today after two weeks of solid rain, like a beacon of hope the clouds parted and some sun shone through. All I can think is let it be so in others parts of Australia, overwhelmed by floodwaters and facing the aftermath of it. This verse kept coming to mind this week  “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4;8-9) Let it be so for all those  facing impossible things around the world today. As always friends I hope these few words and reads will be fresh air and kind company as you head into your weekend - - - 

The Friday Recliner ~ February 18th

Hi friends welcome ! Hope this finds you doing well. I started this week eating a beautiful lunch in a posh restaurant overlooking the gorgeous Blue Mountains. I ended it by balancing an oversized sieve on top of my coffee cup, holding a paper filter in place with one hand and pouring boiling water into it with the other after leaving my coffee maker in said Blue Mountains. Its a roller coaster friends and word of warning those paper filters give way easy at the seams. As always albeit a little late this week, here are a few good things to keep you company as you enjoy your weekend – – –

The Friday Recliner ~ February 4th

Hey friends welcome ! Hope this finds you doing well. How's February treating you? As much as January is all relaxed and let’s eat whatever we feel like for dinner, February tends to get all business like real fast. Schools back and you can guarantee the heat and humidity will crank itself up a notch or two just to rub it in and I'd been quietly commiserating with myself about both. But starting Wednesday, like some eleventh hour reprieve after a steamy February 1st, we've had misty rain, soft grey skies and a cool breeze blowing and its making me feel all human and hopeful again.  Who'd have thought. Needn't have commiserated after all. As always friends here are a few good things to keep you company as you head into the weekend - - -

The Friday Recliner ~ January 28th

Hey friends welcome ! Thanks to a public holiday mid week (a very welcome reprieve that included a dip in the ocean) I've spent the best part of today thinking it was Wednesday. Doesn't take a lot to bamboozle me these days but a nice surprise all the same. Hope your weeks held a few surprises too. Anything lovely planned for the weekend ? Whatever your doing here's a few good things to  keep you company - - -

The Friday Recliner ~ January 21st

Hey friends welcome Hope this finds you doing well. This week in between work, ferrying the teenagers to what feels like the other side of the earth and back everyday AND sideswiping a bollard in the McDonalds drive thru (yay me), I've been tinkering around in my kitchen rearranging a few things, planning more shelves and painting the one I finally put up before Christmas. It's good medicine to keep the January blahs at bay and my favourite kind of self care.  What's your equivalent of painting a shelf? As always, I hope this weekend we all find simple ways to rest, recoup and celebrate  Lets start here  - - - 

The Friday Recliner ~ January 14th

Hey friends welcome back !!!! and of course a beautiful big Happy New Year What are you up to these days? What do you love doing in these early days of January? I'm back at work but definitely still in summer holiday mode so it's bubble tea on repeat, easy dinners, the fan on full and getting myself near the water for a little bit most days. This time of year when the kids were smaller we always went camping (which they tell me now they hated for the most part so, so much for giving them idyllic childhood summers) but I loved it and miss it.  Going swimming helps and sitting in a camp chair with a cold drink and a good spray of Aeroguard on does too. That smell just takes me there. I hope your heading into the new year in whatever way suits you best. If you like to sprint on in I'm cheering you on but if your strolling along in Christmas recovery mode that's ok too. I'm right there with you. Whichever it is I hope these few good words reads are kind company along the way- - -

The Friday Recliner ~ Christmas Edition

Hi friends, so glad your here. Around here we're warming up to Christmas in a backhanded roundabout kind of a way. Our December first tradition of putting up the Christmas tree went pair shaped this year because we couldn't rustle up the energy and teenagers simply have different priorities than their former ten year old selves. She finally went up last Tuesday with the usual rearrangement of the lounge room and the usual putting up of the Christmas tree barney. God bless us at least we kept that tradition!