The Life Changing Magic of Twelve Days Straight

Hey friends

Some Marie Kondo inspired encouragement for you today.  Truthfully a more appropriate title for this post might have been The Life Changing WORK of Twelve Days Straight but of course it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Before all that though

and February feels a bit the same

But thats right we’ve made it !

and we’re still making it.

All of us showing up where our feet are, doing our next right thing and doing so much better than what we give ourselves credit for most times.

Yes you !

img_7774-2Day 1 ~ WORD Click image to read full post)

So friends I  went ahead and learnt myself something in the last month or so and it was this:

Do anything for twelve days straight and it will make a difference.

Something will change or lift or be discovered or take flight. You’ll get a grip or get an idea or see things clearer. You’ll look better or feel better or maybe your house will too.  Not by some far fangled magic or some secret method but in the simple act of doing the thing consistently, of going through the steps and doing the work.

Surprised the heck out of me.

www.waterintowineblog.comDay 2 ~ MORNING Click image to read full post)

Despite my extended January brain fog I decided to join in with a 12 day writing challenge on Instagram hosted by Hope*writers . The idea of it was to use each of the daily prompt words as a launching point to share about my writing life and what I’d like to accomplish this year.

Oh is that all !

I almost stopped right there.

What writing life? what writing plan? January had put paid to both of those. I wasn’t even sure I had it in me to complete a sentence but you know there’s something about a prompt word that just gets me every time.

img_7807-1Day 3 ~DRAFT (Click image to read full post)

Miraculously I ended up writing twelve short posts all about words and writing and this house where I home.

And hope – an enduring, stubborn hope that wont be shaken and that won’t leave me alone. A hope that keeps me looking for possibility and promise in ordinary things, on the most of ordinary of days and around the doorways and corners  of this ordinary home.

img_7777-1Day 4 ~ MOOD Click image to read full post)

It left me hopeful. It left me with a seed of a plan, it left me keen to write more. It reminded me why I love to turn up here and write on this blog.

It was worth the pushing through. It was worth the having a go.

And most things are

Even the smallest of things

img_7886-2Day 5 ~ EDIT (Click image to read full post)

We all have things

  • that we want to do more of
  • or make a start on
  • or get ahead of
  • or break the back of

And things

  • we love doing but don’t ever make time for
  • or that we think we can’t do because they seems way too big and too scary.

Why don’t we give them a nudge.

img_7910-2Day 6~BRAINSTORM (Click to read full post)

12 days of focused attention will work wonders with just about anything its thrown at.

Why 12 days?  Well its long enough that we mean business but short enough that it might actually be within the realms of possibility.

And theres something in the deciding to do a thing, that pushes you forward, that keeps you at it, even on the days you don’t feel like it.

Right at the moment I’ve just finished doing twelve days straight in one section of my garden.  Just 20 minutes per day after work. No deep thinking required, no sweating over words, just weeds and dirt. It was easy to do but there were days when other things could have easily taken over, when the heat could have put me off, but having decided and having started I wanted to finish it. Decision is a great motivator. (You can see the before and afters pics here   and here

img_7923-2Day 7 ~ STUCK (Click to read full post)

So what needs a kickstart or a push along, or a fresh approach or some TLC

It’s  your call – name your mountain or your molehill, choose your time frame – 20 minutes a day, 30 minutes, an hour – it’s up to you. Then choose the time of day – first thing in the morning, straight after lunch, after work  – whatever works for you

and just start.

img_7924-1Day 8 ~ QUOTE Click image to read full post)

It might be 12 days of

  • cleaning out a cupboard, clearing a shelf or cleaning off just one flat surface
  • going for a run, a bike ride or a walk
  • promoting your business on social media
  • making over a room, part of a room or maybe a piece of furniture
  • reading that book or books that have been sitting on your nightstand forever
  • writing in a journal
  • organising the pics on your computer and making up a photo book
  • rescueing a sorely neglected garden bed
  • learning something new on the internet

Now there are no rules except to keep going.

And theres no such thing as too small.

Because progress is progress and forward is forward.

img_7947-1Day 9 ~ INSPIRATION Click image to read full post)

Now if  it’s a more intense, breaking through, pushing yourself type of thing

  • an exercise / losing weight kind of thing
  • a getting up early to pray or run or learn something knew kind of thing
  • or writing twelve freaking posts in a row type of thing

You’ll want to pack it in about half way through, you will wonder why for the love am I doing this. It will seem too intense and too exhausting and who on earth cares anyway.

Ignore all those thoughts and just keep going.

And if it’s a more fun, just for pleasure type thing. Same rule applies – keep going. It’s not silly, it’s not indulgent. It’s important to you so it’s OK to make it a priority.

img_7972-1Day 10 ~ GOAL. (Click image to read full post)

img_8321Day 11 ~ FEELING Click image to read full post)

So what do you think?

Shall we do this thing?

Now don’t leave me wondering – let me know what your up to in the comments below. OR post it on Facebook and tag me in. You’ll find me on Facebook here. Or on Instagram here.


img_8011Day 12 ~ PROGRESS (Click image to read full post)

Friends I’ll leave you with easily one of my all time favourite quotes.

Start where you are.

Use what you have

Do what you can

Arthur Ashe

God bless xx

2 thoughts on “The Life Changing Magic of Twelve Days Straight

  1. Hi Tracey, I was mindlessly scrolling through my emails when I saw your blog (is that what it’s called?) & immediately went to it … I love your blog, always so refreshing & encouraging … you tell me I’m doing better than I think I am and I usually need to hear that!!
    I absolutely love the way you use the colours green & blue together in your decorating … it looks so colourful. I grew up in the era where “blue & green should never be seen” … never mind that God Himself gave us green trees with a blue sky backdrop …. but somehow my elders knew better & to this day I still struggle to put those two colours together – even though they are both my favourite colours!
    Anyway you’ve inspired me…. to not only use blue & green together but to take the twelve day challenge. During the moving house episode my prayer time/life became a bit random & I’ve been wanting to get things back on track for a while now but it just hasn’t happened.
    Well now it will!!
    Keep writing my friend …. it’s just the best, most encouraging read of my month ….. !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sue thank you sooo much for your beautiful comment. You’ve done my heart good. So glad it gave you a lift and some encouragement which is why I keep writing. Yes bring on all the blue and green, the colours of life I say. Thank you again xx


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