Five Minute Friday – Agree

Five Minute Friday = prompt word, five minutes, just write. No overthinking, no over editing.

This weeks prompt word – AGREE

Can we agree together on a couple of things

Nothing ground breaking, nothing earth shattering – just simple things that I forget all the time and need reminding of always and maybe you do too.

Can we agree that we are all probably doing way better than what we give ourselves credit for.

Can we agree to be thankful for our right here right now lives whatever that looks like, whatever shape it is, however dinged up and pieced together it may feel. Can we breathe thankfulness in, deep down into our bones in, because which ever way we look at it what we have right now is pure gold.

Can we all agree to be kind to ourselves this year, this day, right now. Kind and supporting and encouraging like we would a friend. We’re good at being kind and good to others so let’s be being kind and good to ourselves.

Let’s agree to keep believing – no matter what has been and what’s gone down and what’s turned sour. Let’s believe again and believe the best and throw hope at the dark and turn it on end.

And let’s agree to do our thing and live our calling with all we’ve got and not call it nothing like it doesn’t count. Because it doesn’t have to be seen or recognised or have bells on to be called something. Its ours – our story, our people, our heartbeat and that makes it something already – so grow the garden, make the meals, paint the picture, write the words, invite the people, hang the clothes, tell your story and call it good and call it sacred and call it your art.

Anyone agree?


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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Agree

  1. I was completely charmed by the ebb and flow of your thoughts here, Tracey. Especially, “Because it doesn’t have to be seen or recognised or have bells on to be called something.” So true! Thank you. 💜

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    1. Gkeniece hello! Thank you so much for your encouragement here. Always interesting where the prompt word takes me . I think I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged and invisible of late and needed to agree with those words myself. Love how when push comes to shove, when we are a bit at the end of ourselves faith rises and hope kicks in. Thank God. Hope your doing well friend 🙌🏻

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      1. Hello again, Tracey. I shared your post on Twitter and Google + today, but would also love to follow you on these social media, as well as, Pinterest. Do you have profiles for me to follow? Let me know by email, if you want. Thanks, friend. 😊

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