Five Minute Friday – Different

Five Minute Friday – prompt word, five minutes, just write. No overthinking, no over editing.

This weeks prompt word is DIFFERENT


“This year it’ll be different”

Famous last words those.

Lets hope it will be.

Lets hope we have all learnt a thing or two over the years about staying sane and actually enjoying Christmas.

Little things like

  • not expecting everything to be perfect – ourselves, others, the food, the gifts, the moments because they never are and we’re certainly not
  • not trying to do ALL the Christmas things and be at ALL the Christmas places
  • doing the things we love that are meaningful to us and our family and forgetting the rest
  • not worrying about what other people are doing or making or buying
  • not blowing the budget
  • saying no sometimes instead of yes and just giving ourselves a minute
  • not having too set an idea about how things are going to turn out because we all know by now there’s nearly always a loose canon sitting ready to go off somewhere
  • enjoying the moments  –  imperfect and chaotic as they often are
  • laughing at ourselves


Ask me how I’m doing in about a weeks time and I might tell you a different story.

Christmas sure has a way of doing crazy things to us.

So if you run foul of the best of your Christmas intentions this year – if your calm and zen like attitude makes a sudden left turn and leaves the building  – its OK , it happens, your in good company.

Ellen Griswold said it kinda straight

“I don’t know what to say, but its Christmas  and we’re all in misery” (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

We can all relate – so if your heading that way – – –

give yourself some grace,

God is in the business of grace, its His speciality and Christmas laid bare is about God’s grace putting on skin and embracing us in human form.

So give yourself some grace today and give the people around you some too. Take a breath, take a moment – a good few if you need them. It’ll all be OK. Watch “Elf“, have a laugh, phone a friend, take a walk  – any or all will do you the world of good and remember

Next year it’ll be different.

Happy Christmas friends xx

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Different

  1. Hi Trace,
    How are you?
    Another great read. Fantastic to see you keep up with your writing.
    Well, on our side the de clutter continues. We are now giving away furniture and we have a lot of things packed in boxes. We have hired the one way large van and given notice to the Landlord. Yes, we’re leaving on 4 Jan 2018 to head to Nambour Queensland.
    We have no place to go to just a few weeks booked in an Airbnb and we have booked a storage shed for our things. We are officially making ourselves homeless and leaving on a wing and a prayer. We have Anastasia enrolled in a school that thankfully starts on 22 Jan 2018 and that’s all we know!
    In case we don’t see you all in person. Have a great, relaxing time with your family. Share our love to all of you. And as they say in America, I’ll be seeing you on the flip side.
    Love Jen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well a wing and a prayer leaves room for adventure I say. Very exciting Jen and a bit sad too but life’s for living and I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. Big love to you all and let’s keep txting, emailing, commenting etc as I want to keep up with how it’s going. Friends for life Jen – a few thousand miles won’t change that 🙌🏻👍🏻 xxx


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