Five Minute Friday – Invite

Five Minute Friday – prompt word, five minutes, just write. No overthinking, no overediting.

This weeks prompt word is INVITE


I have a policy.

If I know you and you arrive on my doorstep you get invited in.

Regardless of the state of of the house.

It feels like a risk because somedays the house looks like wolves live here, somedays its diabolical, and theres always someone that arrives on that day.  You can bet on it.

If its a pick up or drop off type visit we’ll often stand in the hallway and chat but mostly its a go on through, through my crazy lounge room out to the back area that’s generally in not much better condition depending on what we’ve been doing and how much I’ve been home or if the kids have done their chores (or if I’ve done mine).

What would be handy I often think would be a parlour. Remember those? A “good room” thats kept neat and lovely for swanning about and “entertaining” in.   But I wonder if thats similar to having a closed door – it says this far and no more. I’ll show you my good side and my good china  but the real me thats kept in another room. It might even say I don’t trust you enough with who I am or with my faults and imperfections and messy kitchen.

No such  luxury around here though. It’s straight into the fray when you cross my doorstop and a bit like Russian roulette as to what you’ll find but I’ve made that policy of inviting in because in my heart I know that people are more important than how my house looks  and because I decided a long time ago that my homes purpose (like mine) isn’t to impress or compete, its purpose is to embrace and I can’t do that with a closed door.

It’s a risk, it takes trust – because our homes tell people about who we are and  – – what if it says the wrong thing?

This blog invites you in too and like in my home my true heart hope is that you leave this place feeling better or lighter or more relaxed than when you arrived but I think sometimes I let you in only as far as the “good room” With the marvels of  editing and cropping at my finger tips its easy to just show you the good side because I love a pretty photo but we all know real life  is whats happening outside of the frame and theres real life scattered all over the place here. 

So come on in  past the “parlour” into the heart of the house with things undone and unfolded and unfinished, where pretences are dropped and the real conversations happen.

Your invited, your welcome.

Just come as you are and I will too.

You can read what other people have written in there five minutes here.






14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Invite

  1. Tracey, thank you – beautiful writing and you brought back some great memories for me: my elderly neighbour’s parlour that was so elegant but always cold and formal, despite it being an honour to be invited in their as a special occasion; and my late mum, for whom the tidiness gene skipped a generation, but when I became embarrassed to invite school friends to visit, one of them reminded me that she never noticed the mess only the warm welcome she got.
    I love your idea that the purpose of a home is to embrace. That’s my aim too.
    God bless you x
    Your FMF Neighbour #73

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  2. Hi Trace,
    Another thought provoking read.
    Yes, the parlour,…. what was that? Some people with big houses had one but no one went in there. They were formal and cold. The heart of the home is usually the kitchen. That’s were people meet and have real conversations.
    One point I would make is that we today are obsessed with the “entertainers home” that is some mythical life style that does not exist. Really, who has the time to be an entertainer and host lavish parties? We really are too busy working to keep our homes at the same level as the home life style magazines depict.
    Yes, a home that is welcoming and people that welcome you regardless of whether they have their “face on” or not. Good listeners make a welcome home. Thank you Trace for the countless hours that you have listened to me!
    I can’t say I have a lot of visitors these days invited or uninvited. We havent really gone down the play date road. We find other families, even the kids are too busy to come over! And they are only 10…..
    Second point is that I have been putting a bit of effort into de cluttering the house. I hauled all the furniture out of the 2 front rooms to get the carpets cleaned. I re arranged the furniture and re arranged the art work on the walls. I bought a piece of stretch acqua velour from the dance fabric shop and have covered a huge brown ottomon in it. I was going to buy an upholstery stapler to attach the fabric but decided I was happy with drape. I like that piece of fabric and may want to take it with me when we leave.

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    1. Hey Jen – yes I’m totally with you and if I’d had more than 5 mins it would have got a mention. I am so not a fan of the word or concept of entertaining – likes its a performance – and are we focused on people thinking wonderful things about us or on really connecting with people. I’ll take the latter. Sounds like you’ve done a nice bit of rearranging there. I like the idea of furnishings being able to be easily repurposed or take with you and used again. Love a bit of velour Jen. Remember that Ken Done fabric you had – that lasted many a year and turned up everywhere. Have you still got the bright yellow curtains – loved those. Thanks for the lovely comments always xxxxx


      1. Hi Trace,
        Thanks for the reply.
        I’ve actually got a little time to write a few thoughts instead of only composing ideas in my head. Yeah, good ole Ken Done. I possibly still have that fabric some where. It was made of 3 pieces which bizzarely seemed to fit every space and added colour to every rental home. I sewed a small piece of fabric on the back to make a rod and pocket curtain and used them constantly. I see from your photos you have some pieces of bright pink. That’s a nod to Ken Done. His art work still influences today. I do love stand out colour. It used to be in my clothing but I feel my figure has succumbed to middle age bulges in all the wrong places. Colour is best expressed in the soft furnishings of the home now…… Thinking of my old sewing machine that still works. I really only get it out to repair clothing now. That’s a bit sad. When I look through my old photos I see myself wearing all the clothing that I hand made. I’m quite proud of those things now and why I so admire hand made stuff at Vinnies. I know how many hours it takes to do.
        Yes, I still have my lovely yellow curtains. No place for them in this little rental but I expect to have them up loud and proud in our next home, They are a keeper. While I was tidying I found a covered tissue box by you and put that straight onto a box of tissues. It’s a keeper too because you made it for me. It’s survived all my itinerant moving. How do you feel about the fashion of grey in home exterior AND interior? Well, I guess you know what I think. I HATE it with a passion. That is so me, literally NO shades of grey. It’s my greatest asset and my worst at the same time!
        Well, thanks for the blog. You are a champion of consistancy for keeping it up.

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      2. Glad the curtains are still going strong. Oh I forgot about those tissue box covers and frames. Always had to have a little something creative going on and yes I love a bit of colour thrown in and mixed up together and love a bit of geometric pattern too which I think is the influence of partially growing up in the seventies. Who knows.Yes Ive got a few bulges going on as well Jen – your not alone there. Scarves are always a good way to add a bit of colour but Jen you always had it all over me when it came to fashions and dressing. You have a passion for it that still stands out. The 21st dress and the green stripe collared dress have stuck in my mind. We share some good memories. Thanks for all your encouragement here. I love reading your comments. Like we are having a catch up. xxxx


  3. Just Yes!!! to all of this! And the wolves sometimes rule here too… I’m the worst! I emptied the Living Room of all the knick-knacks and smallish furniture two weekends ago and rearranged things but still there’s a pile on the kitchen table and odds and ends by the back door that have yet to find a home…. So welcoming to visitors…lol. You’re certainly not alone in your home angst– I still struggle since a lot of my friends have bigger and newer homes than me and my 1970s rancher with the original kitchen! — but the thing that ties us all together is the vulnerability that’s shared when we invite people into our mess- just as we are at home and online. Love your authentic pictures and the inspiration to share more of life ‘outside the frame’. Hope you are well dear Tracey! ♥xo

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    1. Hi Heather – so lovely to hear from you. Absolutely – regardless of the home, weather its large and impressive or small with all sorts of lumps and bumps there is still that level of vulnerability with letting people in – home wise and heart wise. So glad we have had the opportunity to step through each others doorway here online. Hoping your market stall went beautifully, prayers your way friend x

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