Five Minute Friday – Blessing

Five Minute Friday  – written on a Saturday, posted on a Sunday  but it still works the same way. Prompt word, five minutes, just write. No overthinking, no over editing

This weeks prompt word BLESSING

Well theres been a few this week.

There were late starts at work and a drive up the  mountain with friends on Friday  and almost getting blown away but oh my goodness this view.
And I remember I get to live  here and look at this. The best bit though was picking up where  I left off with old friends not seen in forever but we chatted like it was yesterday and there are fewer things as precious in life as good and faithful friends who take you just the way you are no matter what.  And I had to take this warts and all selfie because I wanted to remember the moment we were  up above the world,  three of us together.
There were  these  clearance roses that made me happy just looking at them. They match my table  and who knew coral pink could be so pretty.
And in amongst the regular worry of my boy and what will he do and how will he get on because a star student he is not  –  he brings home this.
First in his class for Visual Arts this term and I remember that in this he excels and always has  – the one bright and shining A on his report card each year when the rest of it makes me want to weep. The relief of remembering  that while  dotting his I’s and crossing his Ts and tucking in his shirt and handing assignments in on time is not his thing,  drawing and painting and creating and thinking wildly outside the lines is.  And I think maybe there will be a place for him and his unique gifts without him having to be anybody else but himself.
And today –  is about as icy cold as I ever want it to get around here  but the sky is clear and blue and that sun hitting the front of my house  is doing me all sorts of good and warming me through on the inside.

Funny how  the tiniest perfection can make you believe everything’s going to be all right.  Bread Alone – Judi Hendricks

Some blessings blatant and brilliant and gobsmacking and others in strange disguises and hiding round corners waiting to be found.  Life flows this way and that – it rips and ravages and just about breaks us in two sometimes but theres no mistaking the sheer profound blessing of it. This  chance to breathe and love and be a part of it all is no small thing.  This chance to rub shoulders with eternity and with the ground and with each other makes no earthly sense  – but here we are.
Blessed beyond measure whichever way we look at it.

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Blessing

  1. Hi, Tracey.
    What a beautiful view indeed.
    Friends are the best, arent’ they?
    This is my first go at Five-minute Friday and I’m amazed at how much you wrote in that short time.
    So glad you are so blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sara – first Five Minute Friday – yay!!! and welcome. Thanks so much for coming by and for the reblog – so kind of you. Some weeks the word prompt scares me off but other weeks I’m determined and its amazing the words do come. Thank you again!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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