Five Minute Friday – More (or Less)

Five Minute Friday  on  a Monday night but it still works the same way. Prompt word, five minutes, just write. No overthinking, no over editing.

This weeks prompt word is MORE

We always think we need more, if not for now then for later, for just in case. Survival instinct I guess – the more we have the safer we feel.

But what if we used – really used – what we already have. Used it  to its fullest potential without waiting for more. What if we wrung the day dry of its possibilities and opportunities –   use up every bit without waiting for more or better before we begin. Wouldn’t there be more just by doing that- more contentment, more joy, more peace – bound to be.

I think sometime I’d like more house.

I live in a small house and there is always the temptation to think all my household woes would be solved by more space. Sheer square footage would be nice but I’d settle for more just in the way of storage space – cupboards and closets and just generally more places to shove things.

But more isn’t always more. More space can get filled up with stuff you don’t really need exactly the same way your existing space can and your no further ahead. A big space can be unfunctional and uncomfortable and unmanageable just the same as a small space can. Big or small, more or less – its all in what you do with it.

If I think about it what I’m really wanting at home is not so much more space – what I’m wanting is less chaos and less clutter and less crazy and for that maybe I don’t need more  – maybe I need less.

I know from experience the one thing that makes the biggest difference in a small house is less stuff. That right there my friend is easier said than done and an ongoing process in this wee house. The pay off though of opening a cupboard door and not have things fall on me, the pleasure of an empty shelf and a clear line of sight and drawers you can open makes it worth the tough decisions and the ruthless and relentless decluttering.

I’ve such a long way to go with this , theres still stuff piled up around here and too many cupboards shoved full.  But I’m heart set on making the most of what this little house has to offer, set on  uncovering her beauties and on making more of what looks like less to the untrained eye. This idea of rescue and redemption and bringing back from the edge is one that runs fast through my veins and a challenge I can’t help but rise to.

What about you, what are you wanting more or less of?

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – More (or Less)

  1. Big or small, more or less – its all in what you do with it. <—– YES!! It's cliche but true, less is more. And it always seems to come down to perspective- positive or negative our challenges are only what we make them. Right now, I'm fighting the battle of overflowing stuff again– it's never ending!! But if there is one thing I would love more of– it's more peace and time to myself to just read and study and be still. Too much running over here for my liking some days! Blessings on you friend ♥

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    1. So with you Heather – it does just get so hectic and time for that precious quiet and stillness just seems to get pushed aside or crowded out by “all the things” More peace less chaos, less clutter – lets just go for it. I just got a pack of 12 extra tough stand up garbage bags to fill with stuff to be donated and I’m aiming to use them all by the end of the year. Love a little bit of a house shaped challenge. Thanks for cheering me on, I’m cheering right back x

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  2. Tracey, I do not understand how you are able to accomplish so much. When I read your comment on my blog, and I saw all these remarkable projects that you do, it boggled my mind. What is your secret to accomplishing so much?

    You have a beautiful blog and your pictures are just stunning. It is an honor to “meet” you online. 😀

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    1. Erin thanks so much for such lovely encouragement. Creative things – writing, taking pics, home projects seem to be in my DNA and are a life line that keep me on an even keel. Believe me there is a lot that doesn’t get done because I choose to write and phaff around in the garden and paint random things but using a timer and doing something for 20 minutes at a time tends to keep things in a bit of balance. Thank you again for your kindness.


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