That Old Thing – Fence Paling Planter

IMG_2817I like bits of old wood.

I found these in my garage on the weekend.


Someone has lovingly put these together out of fence palings I think but I have no idea who. In my push to de clutter everywhere including the garage I almost threw them into the recycling but they have been made in such a perfect pot plant shape and the wood –  just treated pine I think – but so nicely weathered that I just couldn’t. The thing is I have absolutely no idea where they came from ? My only thought is I may have picked them up from the side of the road as I do with things sometimes but even that’s not ringing a bell – they would have been in my garage over 12 months now though so I got them out to either do something with them or send them on to another lover of old things cleverer than me.


IMG_2781From their shape they just  look like they  should have a plant poking through the top – so I started thinking about some sort of simple hanging planter with a big emphasis on simple. I ended up finding some wire netting left over from some animal enclosure project no doubt and cut it roughly to shape with scissors as no tin snips to be found. I laid it over the back and nailed it in place and  only  hit my finger once with the hammer.

IMG_2785IMG_2789Thinking none of it would be seen I wasn’t too careful with my nailing or with the finish but as it came together I thought it might be nice if the wire basket side faced out. The next thing was something to stop the potting mix falling straight through the wire – I tried some hessian but didn’t like it so I pulled some fibre from the trunk of our palm tree in the front yard. I’ve used this before in pot plants – its thickish and strong and stretchy – – so I lined the basket, filled it with potting mix and went looking for something to go in it. I ended up just just taking some seedlings and a few pieces of succulent from the garden and watered them in. Hoping they will settle in, take root and be lush and happy in a few weeks time. To finish I screwed in metal eyelets each side and tied on thick twine to hang it.


IMG_2793IMG_2791As no rocket science was involved putting it together took very little time. Sourcing all the various bits and pieces needed and nursing my sore finger took a bit longer.

This is how it looks now hanging on the garden fence after watering.


This is it with the “right” side facing front.


I think I like it better this way.


I thought I could also add some little pieces of succulent in through the netting at the front to make it more three dimensional  but haven’t got that far yet.


IMG_2815IMG_2817Cost – as I had all the stuff $0. Time all up about 1 hour.

Finding old stuff I can make things out of – works for me. Succulents that don’t mind being broken off and stuck into dirt elsewhere works for me too.

Found anything interesting in your garage?

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8 thoughts on “That Old Thing – Fence Paling Planter

  1. You are so clever! I’m good at copying things I see on Pinterest, but not very creative with coming up with that kind of stuff. What could I find in my garage? Just about anything. My husband is a hoarder … he doesn’t believe in throwing ANYTHING away. We have a motorcycle that he bought 3 years ago … didn’t run, but he was sure he could fix it {he hasn’t fixed it, he doesn’t even know anything about motorcycles}, some old plastic pots that were cracked so I threw away {he dug them back out. See above}, & a broken fishing net. Sigh ….

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Always fun to meet new people 🙂


  2. Excellent work, Tracey! I am a nature lover and I always love to have some flowers in my garden. Your hanging flower project is very simple yet, I am amazed how it looks like in the end. It’s naturally beautiful.


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