Seasons Greeting

IMG_2212June – she’s come too fast for me and as always I’m never quite ready for the cold – no wood for the fire got yet and already she’s gone and turned up a few surprises so the grounds feeling all shaky under my feet. But   – – –

I’m welcoming her anyway.

Embracing June with open arms as friend not foe – looking for what joy can be made, what good can be done and what opportunities might come because  – –

God’s goodness and mercy – they follow me over mountain and through valley and round every curve in the road I didn’t see coming.

God with me in this moment be it fair weather or foul, whether the view from here looks exactly how I thought it would or not.

And there’s this too.

I’ve had this inkling to clean out the cupboards,  knock down the cobwebs, clear out the corners and make room for something new –  a spring clean I guess three months early or six months late.  Either way the time seems right.

I want to paint something as well – freshen things up – turn winter on end and bring some warm and colour and sunlight in.  A reaction maybe to the creeping in cold  – a reaction maybe to circumstance that want to darken my door and put a chill in my bones if I let them.

Time to light a fire.

Time to fan the flame.

Time to call things to life.

Time to warm my table with good soup and good company. IMG_0468Throw joy at the cold.

IMG_2243Winter –  it need not be the season when nothing grows or blooms.

It need not be a time of drawing back and hunkering down.

Time to  break up the barren looking ground and see what grows? You know that place that looks like it will never grow a thing. Time to see whats possible?

Sow  for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you. Hosea 10:12

Time to make room – for a different answer, a fresh opportunity, a larger field?

For God?

Our winter now – but what harvest might we reap by the spring? IMG_0880I’ll keep you posted.

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Tracey xx

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