The Writing on the Wall

Well I did promise I’d be chatting about little things making a difference in my family and home life and this one – – – well its real little. I have been quite surprised though at the difference this ones making and how much my “little people” are enjoying it.

Its not complicated.

I found a framed blackboard at an op shop – no reinventing, painting polishing or primping required – could do with another coat of black board paint but for now – good to go as is.

I hung it on the wall

We write things on it

Thats it.

Happy Birthday Things

The Writing On The Wall

Celebratory Things

The Writing On The Wall


Welcoming Things

The Writing On The Wall

Congratulatory Things 

The Writing On The Wall

I’ve hung it right where you walk out of the lounge room door to get to anywhere else in the house. Can’t miss it.

The Writing On The Wall

The kids love seeing what’s new up on the board – especially if they get a mention and they add their own things.

Our very own news flash, our own personal shout out,  cheering us on. This “little thing” turns up the volume on the good stuff going on around here.  The volume goes up plenty on other things unfortunately without me even thinking about it  – my voice when the kids have made a gigantic mess of some sort or another (or I have) and home work still not done. My own mistakes and fails get “turned up” in my own head plenty  if I let them.

So heres to turning up the volume and taking notice of the good stuff – the wins, the moments, the milestones, the reasons to celebrate – even the little ones – there ours and there all good.

How are you turning up the volume at your place?

Tracey xx


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4 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall

  1. Inspiration is in the new things. The remembrance is the most valuable blessing.
    Little things make a huge difference.
    It is nice to see your kids participating in it too.


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