Thirsty, tired and dry to the bone.

And then there is this

“Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst – not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life”  John 4:13  (John 4:1-39)

Oh my !!

Here a woman is drawing water in the heat of the day – women’s work, tiring, thankless – – – invisible . Jesus traveling on foot with his disciples  – is hot, thirsty, tired as well – – –

 – – – but not confined by social and cultural conventions as we might be, Jesus asks the woman for a drink – an improper request ? for her more work ? another person who wants something? They talk though and in that talking back and forth He reveals  that He sees her and knows  her  – her work, her pain, her mistakes, her heart – – – and in return He offers her a cup of water  – – –  and its brimming full of acceptance, inclusion and forgiveness – a Samaritan, a woman, a questionable past -this cup was knew to her. The sweet taste of it. Cool and refreshing to her tired and thirsty soul.


pranav singh

Can you imagine that moment when it hits her – when she see’s and knows that He is indeed the Messiah! – no wonder she left her water pot behind – she finds feet and words and rushes off to tell everyone all about the Messiah who has “seen” her.

So this part really got me thinking – here is this woman with nothing to recommend her, no position, no social standing, nothing really – who goes off and tells everyone she can, that she has met Jesus.

She could have let so many things stop her – a sense of  shame or inferiority her “socially improper” conversation with Jesus, which the disciples had been so shocked about, her lack of standing in the community.  She didn’t! She was changed  – she had been “seen”, no longer invisible and unknown – she had met with and sipped from His living water  and that was all that mattered – not her past, not her mistakes, not her gender.  “Many of the Samaritans from the village believed in Jesus  because the woman had said  “He told me everything I ever did” “ No elaborate language, no religious arguments or discussion, she told her story and it was enough to change her community.

What about us? How many times do we stop ourselves, hush ourselves, reign ourselves in out of fear, properness, opinion and even inferiority – even when we know what He has put in our hearts.

We don’t have to be fearful and be second guessing and comparing our selves all the time do we? Do we have to try and be perfect or be someone different or better than who we are right now in order to make a difference ? It’s a bitter and demanding cup to drink from –  its like drawing water in the heat of the day – hard, tiring work and we are thirsty and parched and exhausted all over again a little while later.

So why not drink, really drink of the one who sees us and knows us, whose cup is brimming full of acceptance, inclusion and forgiveness, whose life is a limitless, nurturing, life giving flow within us. Let’s drink from that cup. Lets be ourselves and live what He has done for us, our way.

Here is an amazing song by song artist Misty Edwards – it was originally sung prophetically in the International House of Prayer in Kansas City in 2011 (correct me if I’m wrong). This is the shorter recorded version. A song from Jesus point of view. Listen to it here.

Have an amazing day

Lv Tracey xx


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