An Ordinary Miracle ?

I’ve been writing a lot about “water into wine” of late but this is the very first post I wrote on it –  just a few ideas on making the most of our ordinary days and letting Him make much of the small things in our lives. Enjoy

 John Chapter 2 :1-12

Water into wine – Jesus’s first miracle!!  He lets us know right here – right from the get go that He is all about transformation. He came to change things. He came to bring life. Here Jesus  takes ordinary plain old water and makes it into the sweetest of wines and throughout His time here with us on earth in words and actions He does it over and over again.

The weak are made strong, the last become first, the dead are brought to life, the invisible become visible, the broken become whole and a from a little an abundance flows.

What “little” have you got today  – that He can turn into a lot ?

Can our ordinary “watery” day become as sweet as good wine?

Not every day is a celebration or a wedding but today – well it can shine in its own right if we give it a chance – a simple phone call, a good conversation or a shared cuppa with an old/new/soon to be friend can do wonders for an ordinary old afternoon, a good laugh, a thankful moment or a few moments face to face with someone you love can do the same. And this – your trickle of an idea if you let it breath may just give rise to a flow of creativity, a few words if you let yourself speak them may be just the thing to turn someones tide and your five minutes spent in prayer may just move a mountain. It doesn’t have to be huge or earth shattering on our part for Jesus to do something amazing. So have a great day and – – – why not turn a little water into wine.

 Tracey xx


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