The Best Laid Plans

Wednesday 22nd July, 2015

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UnknownThe Best Laid Plans

Life rarely goes to plan – – –  it doesn’t come in nice neatly wrapped packages that we can label and arrange, organise and categorise does it – it would be nice though.  We could get a good grip on it then – we could be ready for it. Life won’t be wrapped and if we try it tends to just run out the sides and spill on the ground.  And just when we think we have got some situation or circumstance boxed and sorted, our focus clear, our plan intact, our prayers prayed – the bottom can still drop clean out of it – – – life can put paid to the very best of plans.


And thats where it can get interesting – like it or not – this might just be the place we are meant to be – where God can really get a look in – us out of control – dignity awry, feathers ruffled and our lipstick smudged – and Him in control, His plan afoot. That might be when something amazing can happen, something bigger than us.

In John 11 Mary and Martha are at the pointy end of life – united in their grief and loss, their brother dead – – – and they don’t know why? Jesus could have healed him, they had sent for Him, they had probably told everyone, “its OK we sent for Jesus, He’ll come & heal our brother”- – – – and then He hadn’t, humiliated, heartbroken, expectations in a crumpled heap, trying to put together the pieces. Their answer a week overdue and when He arrives they rage at Him – if only you had been here this wouldn’t have happened. This wasn’t part of the plan.


Jesus had a plan too – an eternal one – to see the Son of God revealed, His life changing power made known – seen and tasted and felt, talked about, the story told and retold, His message spreading.

imagesMary and Martha  went through the devastation and bitter heartbreak of losing their brother, not the easy road, not a road they would have chosen to walk – but at the end of that road they get to witness first hand, with their very own eyes the glory of His goodness, His power at work – their brother four days dead walking out of the tomb alive, beyond big, never the same again, more than anything they could have dreamed – not at all what they were expecting. “ – – – No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Thank God

When we are all pulled apart and undone and at the end of anything we can do, thats when God can do – – –

“Its all I know – when we are in over our heads, we touch the depths of God” Ann Voskamp 

IMG_2398Love to you all today. Tracey xx


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5 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Hi friend! Thanks for the reminder of the story of Lazarus. Jesus didn’t come on their watch, but He had the end in mind. I was just reading this morning of the goodness of God, and I’ve been reading a bit each morning on that because I need the reminder that He is good ALL the time, not just when we deem it so.
    Saw you on Mom’s Morning Coffee and I thought YES! It’s the coffee lady! Gotta go see her today! 🙂


    1. Hi Ruthie – thank you – so glad you came by!! – yes I need that reminder as well – too easy to get caught up in our here and now realities and lose sight of God’s hand always at work and His eye always on us.The coffee lady – I like that!!


  2. This is the second post in the last 10 minutes I’ve read that’s reminded me to loosen my grip on life. 🙂 Perhaps God is needing me to remember that truth. As much I like to be control, it’s always so freeing to let go and submit to whatever God is doing in my life. Thanks for sharing this at #ThreeWordWednesday.


    1. Thanks so much Kristin – yes I needed that reminder myself – I think I wrote this one for me as much as anyone. Us girls like to hold on tight but when things get away on us we can trust it hasn’t got away on Him. No your comment not eaten – all good.


  3. I’m thinking your blog just ate my comment. 🙂 Anyway, let’s try again – I appreciate this post as I’m always needing a reminder to let go. As much as I like control, it’s always freeing to let go and submit to whatever God is doing in my life. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.


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